• Emergency Preparedness Tip #5: Know how to safely evacuate buildings or campus. Familiarize yourself with Emergency Evacuation Maps. When instructed to evacuate, leave the building or campus as quickly and as safely as possible. Additional video: https://t.co/TLnQM9DPV2

    Sep 13

  • Interested in a down to earth discussion about immigration? Come join us at FRANK talks on Sep. 20th! Special guest Scott Warren, geographer and researcher of the interaction between people and land on the U.S./Mexico border.

    Sep 13

  • Philosophy club general meeting next Thursday! Think until it hurts! You know you want too! https://t.co/C9X9xIBIF7

    Sep 13

  • Do you want to learn more about discrimination, privilege, and prejudice in our local community? Interested in LatinX culture?Come visit the LatinX fishbowl next week! Please call ahead for information and accommodations. https://t.co/DyRSoOr1KP

    Sep 13

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