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Bet you didn’t know there was a hidden social fabric in our everyday lives. Well, there is. And if you’re curious to know how it all works, then we suggest you pursue a degree in sociology. Like other social sciences, sociology is often misunderstood. But if you like the sound of being a private investigator into the hidden aspects of the human condition, sociology is where you want to look.

Simply put, sociology seeks to uncover explanations for “why people do what they do.” In their search for knowledge, sociologists examine issues of race, gender, age, occupation, religion, family, and all other characteristics of human beings. There’s no limit to human collective behavior that can’t be studied by sociology students and researchers.

How well do you know people? Sociologist Ralph Linton stated that the last thing a fish would notice would be water. Join us in the MCC Sociology program and find out what you’ve been missing in the world around you.

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Academic Certificate AC Global Citizenship Course List

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Associate in Arts Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Sociology

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