Welcome, Future Thunderbird!

Watch videos and access tools to help you complete our enrollment steps. Completing these steps will help you move towards your first semester at MCC!

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Welcome From the President

Please view the brief welcome video message from our Interim President, Dr. Lori Berquam as to why you belong at MCC!

As illustrated in the “You Belong” video, MCC is here to assist you from start to finish. The next section, ”Exploring Career Options and MCC Programs,” will give you an opportunity to complete a quick assessment to begin your career exploration.

Exploring Career Options and MCC Programs

Watch the video below to learn how to explore careers and our academic programs using Career Coach.

Access Career Coach

Hopefully you completed the Career Coach Assessment and explored your results. Alternatively, you can explore the MCC Programs & Degrees website.

After researching, you had the opportunity to see how different careers align with our Fields of Interest. You will be asked to select a Field of Interest in the Admissions application based on what program you are leaning towards. Please know that your program can be changed as you further explore and confirm your interests. Continue to “Selecting Your Field of Interest” to see how your career fits into a program of study here at MCC!

Selecting Your Field of Interest

Learn more about Fields of Interest and how they relate to your educational goals.

Now that you have watched the Fields of Interest video, and seen how Fields of Interest align with your educational pathway, you are ready to begin the Four Steps of Enrollment. Completing the Four Steps of Enrollment will help you move towards your first semester of classes at MCC!

Step 1: Getting Admitted

By following these easy steps you can complete our free, year-round application process to become a student and start your pathway at MCC.

Admissions Application

The online admissions application is for new and returning students looking to attend MCC.

Note: While completing the admissions application you will be required to choose a Field of Interest and a program/plan. Changes can be made throughout your educational journey if you decide on a different Field of Interest or academic plan.

Maricopa Online Admissions Application

Identity Verification Authorization Upload

If you were unable to upload a copy of your ID during the application process, you can upload your documents here.

Submit your ID

Need to reset your password? Have you not taken classes in a while? Access the link below.

Student Passwords & MEIDs

Residency & Tuition Rates

The application will automatically set your tuition rate to out-of-state. Below you will find the current district tuition rates.

Tuition Rates

If would like to be considered for in-state tuition, upload your documentation using the link below.

Residency & Citizenship

Transfer Credit & Evaluation

If you attended another college or university, or have previous credits, you can learn more about transferring those to us below.

Prior Education / Transcript Evaluation

Step 2: Placement Options

MCC provides a variety of placement options for English, Reading, and Math classes. Below you can see the offered placement options and choose the one that you would like to use.

Options for Placement

Placement can be determined by using multiple documents. You can also view the course placement charts to determine your course placement.

Placement Information


The EdReady test is another option you can use for placement. If you would like to use this option, please click the link below to take the test virtually from your home.

EdReady Placement Exam

Placement Coach

Placement Coach uses high school GPA, ACT, SAT, GED, ACCUPLACER, and EdReady scores to provide you with course recommendations. Enter in your numbers to view your course placement.

Placement Coach

Test Preparation

For external test preparation for Accuplacer/CELSA/Ed-Ready, please explore the resources below. Sample test questions for Accuplacer/CELSA are also available.

Placement Test Resources Sample Test Questions

Other Testing Services

Interested in what additional services are available from Testing Services? Visit their website below.

Testing Services

Step 3: Advising and Orientation

Advising and orientation is an important part of your success at MCC.

THOR: Thunderbird Orientation and Registration

THOR is an online orientation required for all new to MCC students. THOR is a fun way to learn about campus resources, student life and more! MCC has two options available for you to experience THOR: Online (on your own time) or In-Person (scheduled time).

Online Orientation In-Person Orientation

New Student Advising
(no previous college credits)

Now that you have registered for THOR, you will be provided a first semester schedule outlining your courses. Check your email from newstudents@mesacc.edu for your pre-advisement form outlining recommended first semester courses.

New Student Advising & Orientation

Transfer or Returning Student Advising

If you have previous college credits, you are encouraged to connect with an advisor to discuss the best course options for you. You have the option to make an appointment, chat with an advisor, or email our advising team.

Transfer or Returning Student Advising

Step 4: Pay for Classes

Now that you have completed the previous enrollment steps, this section will provide options to assist with funding your education.

Please note, payment is required by the class due date to maintain your seat in the classes that you selected. Check the Tuition Due Dates button below to find the current payment deadline. After the payment deadline, you are required to have anticipated or been awarded Financial Aid, sign up for a tuition payment plan, or pay in full.

Financial Aid

Federal Aid

Explore the different types of financial aid that may be available to you including Loans, Grants, Scholarships, and Work Study.

Types of Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

Student financial aid is funding that is available exclusively to students attending college. This funding helps in covering the many costs of college. Financial aid is available from federal, state, educational institutions, and private agencies (foundations), and can be awarded in the forms of grants, education loans, work-study and scholarships.

Applying for Financial Aid


It's recommended that every student fill out the FAFSA yearly. If you’re interested in paying for college with the help of federal financial aid in the forms of grants, loans, and work-study, it is best to do the FAFSA as early as possible. All documentation and requirements must be met.

If classes start before your FAFSA goes through, or your aid does not cover your tuition and fees, you will be responsible for the outstanding balance.

Complete the FAFSA

Book Advances

As a Financial Aid recipient, you may be eligible to receive a book advance. This will allow you to purchase materials for your classes before your Financial Aid disburses.

Book Advances


Important Payment Dates

Payment is required by the class due date to maintain your seat in the classes that you selected. Details about initial tuition due dates are available below.

Tuition Due Dates

Payment Plan

If you’re planning on covering some of your school tuition and fees out of pocket, it’s important that you understand and enroll in a payment plan. A payment plan can help you budget the cost of your tuition into your monthly expenses.

Tuition Payment Plan

Pay Online

Make online payments using your Online Student Center, where you can use any of the four major credit cards to make your payment.

Pay Online

Cashier Services

Explore your payment options, how you'll receive funds, tuition rates, class fees, refunds, and more.

Cashier Services

Congratulations, you've finished the Four Steps of Enrollment! There are just a few more things we'd like to share with you in the next section.

Attend THOR and Tips for Canvas

Remember registering for THOR?

Now that you completed the Four Steps of Enrollment, you’ll need to attend and complete the THOR orientation session that you registered for in Step 3. THOR is crucial to your success at MCC.


MCC uses an online learning platform called Canvas for our online courses. Learn more about Canvas below, including tips and tricks.

Orientation for Online Learning

Are you new to online learning? Our Online Learning Orientation will help you explore effective study tips, communication strategies, time management tricks, technology skills and more.

Online Learning Orientation

Canvas 101

Do you need help with using our online learning platform Canvas? If so, you can self enroll for our online Canvas training course with the button below.

Self Enroll in Canvas 101

Congratulations Thunderbird!

You are ready to move forward with your first semester at MCC. Below are some departmental resources and services you can refer to if you have questions.

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Chat with our Virtual New Student Welcome Team

Need Assistance with the Enrollment Steps?

For questions about the Enrollment Steps, you can chat with us Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm, Friday 10am-5pm.