New Student Advising & Orientation

Th.O.R. Orientation & Advising Options - Currently Registering for Spring 2020

Academic Advisement Locations

Southern & Dobson

Building: 39
P: 480-461-7222
F: 480-461-7858

Red Mountain

Building RDM - M Mesquite
P: 480-461-7222
F: 480-461-7858

MCC's Thunderbird Orientation & Registration is required of all new-to-college students and a fun way to learn about campus resources, student life and more!

Attending this interactive session will help you build a solid foundation of student success and acclimate you to the Campus community.

Th.O.R. - Thunderbird Orientation and Registration (Southern and Dobson & Red Mountain)

Students attending the Thunderbird Orientation and Registration Sessions at both campuses will have an opportunity to meet new students, receive a campus tour, get important information about campus, and meet with academic advisors to register for classes. This will fulfill the advising and orientation mandatory requirement.

Student who attend must have already completed the application and placement processes before registering for orientation.

ThOR Orientations have concluded for this semester.