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Exercise Science

Exercise Science involves studying human movement, designing strength training programs, creating health behavior change strategies, learning about the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries, teaching physical education classes, understanding health promotion and disease prevention, teaching group fitness classes, and more.

The Exercise Science program at MCC offers a diverse lineup of courses and multiple career options to suit your particular interests and goals.

Coursework Overview

The Exercise Science program includes the following areas of study:

The study of human movement, the pre-professional program for careers in physical therapy, chiropractic, physician assistant, medical school, and more.

Exercise & Wellness (Exercise & Wellness concentration)
Prepares students in exercise and physical activity leadership; careers include worksite, corporate, spa fitness, cardiac rehabilitation, sports medicine clinics, and more.

Exercise & Wellness (Health Promotion concentration)
Prepares students in health behavior change strategies, health/wellness promotion, disease prevention and management; careers include government health departments and agencies, health coaching, nonprofit disease prevention agencies, and private healthcare organizations.

Athletic Training
Prepares students in the field of athletic injury prevention and treatment; for a career as an athletic trainer.

Physical Education in Secondary Education
Prepares future teachers to deliver quality K-12 physical education programs; for a career as a physical education teacher.

Available Associate Degree and Certificates

A list of available degrees and certificates offered in the Exercise Science program
Degree / Certificate Type Title Courses
Associate in Applied Science AAS Exercise Science and Personal Training Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion CCL Nutrition for Fitness and Wellness Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion CCL Personal Training Specialist Course Sequence

Transfer to a University

A list of available transfer options for the Exercise Science program
At MCC, get an... Transfer to... To get a...
Associate in Science Northern Arizona University Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
Associate in Arts Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Wellness (Exercise & Wellness concentration)
Associate in Arts Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Wellness (Health Promotion concentration)
Associate in Science Arizona State University Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Science

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