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Joseph M. Martinez

Manufacturing Tech


This program is part of the Applied Sciences and Technology Department.


Fast track your career in manufacturing in the Manufacturing program at MCC.

Our program is divided into two separate degree programs:

An associate’s degree in Manufacturing Technology prepares you for employment as a technician and manager in the manufacturing industry. As a student, you’ll build skills in computer programming and operation that meet the current and future needs of the manufacturing industry. You’ll also gain knowledge, skills, and experience in traditional machining and manufacturing processes. Our program includes a specialized curriculum in manufacturing technology, with an emphasis on mathematical and scientific theory, and a general education component.

An associate’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology prepares technologists with both the conceptual and practical applications of processes, materials, and products in manufacturing industries. You’ll focus on the skills necessary to design, develop, construct, and implement manufacturing equipment and production systems. The curriculum combines coursework in technology with a general education component.

Career Profile

Quick Stats

Example Titles
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programmer
CAD/CAM/CNC Implementer
Equipment Maintenance Technician
Product Testing Technician
Materials Engineer
Industrial Engineering Technician
Types of Employers
Manufacturing Silicon Wafers
Manufacturing Engineering Firms
Hi-Tech Manufacturing Firms

In order to advance in manufacturing, you usually need a degree in business or engineering. Experienced supervisors often advance to department head or production manager positions. In-house training programs must also be completed. Engineering technicians usually begin by doing routine duties, working under the close supervision of experienced technicians or engineers. Engineering technicians with leadership skills may advance by keeping their skills current through continuing education classes or completing additional coursework to become an engineer.

Manufacturing Technology professionals:

  • Hire, train, and supervise other employees
  • Often do physically active work
  • Work indoors or outdoors, depending on the field
  • Help develop a variety of products
  • Mostly work with metals, ceramics, plastics, and semiconductors
  • Deal with the management of people and equipment
  • Plan the production schedules at plants and factories

Available Associate Degree and Certificates

A list of available degrees and certificates offered in the Manufacturing program
Degree / Certificate Type Title Courses
Associate in Applied Science AAS Manufacturing Technology Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion CCL Machining I Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion CCL CNC Machining I Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion CCL CNC Machining II Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion CCL Advanced CAM Systems Programming Course Sequence

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