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Regular Business Hours:
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Summer Semester:
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Welcome All Students

We are very pleased to be an important part of the Mesa learning community, so accommodating the needs of our American Indian students is our highest priority.

All 22 tribal nations indigenous to Arizona are represented here, as well as countless other tribes throughout the country, including Native Hawaiians and Alaska Natives. We love and appreciate the diversity and intelligence each student brings to our campus. Additionally, we wish to acknowledge that our school lies on the ancestral lands of the Salt-River Pima and Gila River Indian tribes.

As we are only guests here we encourage you to be thankful and respectful for the space we have been given to build and develop our learning environment and grow our AII family within their community.  We look forward to seeing you here and giving you our best.

Our Mission

Aii helps to minimize the cultural distance associated with transition when a student leaves their home area. We provide American Indian students a support and resource center with an awareness of Native customs and culture. We are here to help you achieve college success!

The support services offered by Aii/AIC include tools to assist and encourage students to become active participants in their educational planning.

Services include

  • Academic Advisement (associate degree/AAS & certificate degree progress)
  • Enrollment & Registration
  • Individual Educational Planning
  • Tribal Scholarship Assistance
  • Private Scholarship Assistance
  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • Help to qualify for on-campus Childcare 
  • Private Tribal Scholarship Assistance
  • Peer support & Networking

Why Meet With an Advisor?

  • Help students clarify academic and career goals. 
  • Provide students accurate, up-to-date information about requirements, policies, and procedures. 
  • Help students to understand better the nature and purpose of higher education. 
  • Guide students to appropriate resources and services. 
  • Help students choose or confirm a major .
  • Monitor and evaluate educational progress. 
  • Assist with transfer requirements.

American Indian Institute / American Indian Center

So go about life condemning none but looking kindly and with love upon all.