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Did you know that behind every single man-made object in the universe — a paper clip, your iPhone, the Great Wall of China, you name it — is an engineer with a plan?

The Engineering program at MCC is designed to prepare you for transfer to a four-year degree in all types of engineering (civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, and others).

Contact us at the Physical Science Department or call the Advisement Center to schedule an appointment for advising or for more information about beginning your engineering education at MCC.

Transfer to a University

A list of available transfer options for the Engineering program
At MCC, get an... Transfer to... To get a...
Associate in Science Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Associate in Science Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medical Engineering

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Before signing up for classes, you’ll want to meet with an academic advisor. Together, you’ll lay out an academic plan that suits you best. This step is essential to your academic success.

Advising for the Engineering program is available through the Physical Science department. They will help you determine the exact courses you need to get the education you’re looking for.