Sustainability is an awareness of the connectivity of the world, focusing on the critical human-environment relationship. It seeks to promote and transform economic growth systems into an enduring approach leading to well-being for all, while protecting and enhancing the earth’s life support systems for present and future generations.  

Mesa Community College offers programs and degrees for students to engage in sustainability endeavors on many levels. Follow your passion for improving the world with classes designed to strengthen individual understanding of sustainability issues, which can be applied to businesses and institutions as well as kitchens and gardens. The Sustainable Agriculture degree, the first of its kind in Arizona, provides students with the hands-on cultivation practices plus business skills needed for a small farm or agricultural business. For culinary novices or those already involved in a related career, the Sustainable Food Systems certificate or degree examines the ways that food is handled from growth through disposal processes. 

Degree Programs

Sustainable Food Systems

An overview of how food in our nation is grown, purchased, prepared, consumed and disposed. Prepares students to build careers in the food producing, preparation, and regulating industries as well as to pursue related academic paths.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Working on the campus farm with crops and livestock, students gain hands-on plant and animal husbandry skills and the business expertise needed to manage or develop a small farm or urban agricultural business.

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Academic Certificates


Build academic expertise in one of these significant pillars of sustainability: Earth Systems; Social, Political, Economic Treatment of the Earth; Coupled Human-Environment Systems; Human Transformation of the Earth; and Business and Entrepreneurship. The sustainability study focus is how to create a mutually productive relationship between man and nature.

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Sustainable and Ecological Literacy

Designed for those planning to transfer to four-year educational institutions, this certificate informs the understanding of sustainable living practices and presents critical thinking, inquiry and discourse skills needed by socially responsible leaders who are ecologically and environmentally aware. 

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The Right Pathway for You

MCC offers Certificates of Completion, Associate Degrees and Transfer Options for this program. Your interests and goals will guide you in selecting the pathway that is ideal for you. You may find a combination of certificates, degrees or transfer options is the fastest way to realize your dreams.


The knowledge and skills acquired while earning a Certificate of Completion (CCL) can help launch you into a new career or energize your current job. Generally requiring fewer credit hours than degrees or transfer programs, a CCL may be your best first step into higher education.

A list of available certificates offered in the Sustainability program
Name Type Title Courses
Academic Certificate AC Sustainability
Certificate of Completion CCL Sustainable Food Systems


The options listed below detail the full scope of the interdisciplinary sustainability degrees and certificates available at Mesa Community College: 

A list of available associate degrees offered in the Sustainability program
Name Type Title Courses
Associate in Applied Science AAS Sustainable Agriculture
Associate in Applied Science AAS Sustainable Food Systems


Want to pursue a bachelor’s degree? Save money by starting at MCC in manageable, small classes taught by renowned faculty. Our transfer pathways with Arizona universities help you achieve two goals: completing an associate’s degree while also staying on track to earn a bachelor’s degree at your transfer destination. MCC’s university partnerships throughout the nation assure your seamless transition toward a four-year degree.

A list of available transfer options for the Sustainability program
At MCC, get an... Specialize in... Transfer to... To get a... Courses
Associate in Arts Sustainability Emphasis to BA Arizona State University Sustainability (Bachelor of Arts)
Associate in Arts Sustainability Emphasis to BS Arizona State University Sustainability (Bachelor of Science)

Career Opportunities

The Sustainability program can lead to a variety of different occupations and industries. Below are a sampling of some of the possible positions and Arizona-based salaries related to this program.

Example job titles with salary information
Occupation / Title Annual Median Wage
Business Operations Specialists, All Other $62,010
Chief Executives $166,300
Dietitians and Nutritionists $55,160
Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health $63,080
Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers $73,210
First-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers $30,390
Food Service Managers $53,400
Managers, All Other $93,690
Social Science Research Assistants $48,960
Urban and Regional Planners $73,580
Salary information comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics Program. Updated May 2017.

Financial Aid

You can get a high-quality, affordable education. MCC’s low tuition rates and various financial aid opportunities make it possible. Explore federal and state grants, Federal Work-Study, scholarships, student loans, and other options today.