Accreditation is a voluntary peer review process that helps colleges and universities to critically evaluate their purposes and how effectively those purposes are being accomplished. Accreditation:

  • certifies the quality and integrity of MCC's programs and services.
  • allows students to transfer credits to other accredited colleges and universities.
  • enables students to obtain financial aid and veteran's services.
  • empowers the college to participate in projects funded by federal grants.
  • ensures that the college can recruit and retain quality faculty and staff.

Mesa Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Higher Learning Commission

230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604

Pathways Pioneer

In the fall of 2010, the Higher Learning Commission invited Mesa Community College to join a cohort of colleges and universities helping to develop and pilot a new accreditation process. This new process, called Pathways, has two focuses: Assurance and Improvement. The accreditation assurance process asks a college to submit evidence of its effectiveness and responsibility. The improvement process tasks institutions to develop an ambitious and meaningful Quality Initiative, as evidence of the institution’s commitment to improvement.


MCC is currently in the process of engaging the college community in the Assurance Process. A series of active learning sessions focused on the HLC's new criteria for accreditation are being conducted with many key stakeholders across campus. Additionally, a web-based learning resource focused on the criteria has been produced by our Center for Teaching and Learning. Here you can find the new criteria along with other valuable information related to the assurance process. A high-level summary can be found here.


informed improvement (ii)

MCC’s Quality Initiative, called informed improvement, empowers a culture of evidence-based decision-making dedicated to advancing student success. Informed improvement acknowledges the 21st century community college’s greatly increased capacity to gather and analyze relevant data, and to deploy that information to make the most effective use of the college’s resources. Placing an iterative process of critical inquiry at the heart of every college unit’s planning processes, informed improvement is premised upon the realization that every aspect of the college contributes to student learning and success.

informed improvement process

The informed improvement team is proud to present our initiative report below.

View the report here.

ii Team Co-Leads

Matt Ashcraft
Dean of Research and Planning

Dr. Brian Dille
Political Science Faculty

ii Team Members

Tim Florshuetz
English Faculty & Writing Center Coordinator

Dr. Craig Jacobsen
English Faculty & Curriculum Development Facilitator

Jacquelyn Jesse
Mathematics Faculty

Meredith Warner
Dean of Students

Patricia White
Predictive Analyst

Dr. Roger Yohe
Dean of Innovative Learning and Academic Support

ii Executive Champions

Dr. Shouan Pan

2005 Accreditation

In 2005, Mesa Community College earned ten years of continued accreditation through a process of self-study. The documents that resulted from that process are linked below.