Payment Options

Tuition Due Dates:

Tuition is due on the following dates:

Spring 2024 - January 3, 2024
Summer 2024 - May 20, 2024
Fall 2024 - August 7, 2024

The following options are available to pay your account:

  1. Pay now using debit/credit cards. RECOMMENDED

    Pay Now
  2. Pay by mail, using a check or certified money order. Send your payment to:

    Mesa Community College
    Student Business Services - Cashier Services
    1833 W. Southern Ave.
    Mesa, AZ 85202

    Please allow seven to ten business days for mail and processing time (do not mail cash).

  3. Pay by debit/credit card, call (480) 461-7000 and select option 3 to make a payment over the phone during regular business hours. There is limited availability for over the phone payments. Please refer to your Student Service Center for online payment options.

  4. Enroll in the Student Tuition Payment Plan - e-Cashier. You can access the plan through your personalized student center at and click on "make a payment".

Third Party Authorizations

Tuition Authorization

A Third Party Tuition Authorization (TA) is a written document notifying MCC that an outside agency or sponsor (third party) will pay part or all of a student’s educational expenses at MCC. In the event, the agency or sponsor does not provide payment for the authorized amount, the balance will be the student’s responsibility.

The student is responsible for knowing their sponsor’s requirements to receive the funding and work directly with their sponsor to provide the information required by MCC. The student is responsible for ensuring their sponsor’s authorization letter is on file by the term deadlines to avoid being dropped from classes. The student is responsible for paying any charges not paid by their sponsor by the due date to avoid being dropped from classes.

Tuition Authorization Requirements

A student must submit a Tuition Authorization document which includes ALL of the following information:

  • Letter must be on official company letterhead.
  • Course(s) to be paid.
  • Specific billing requirements (e.g. tuition only, tuition and registration fee only, tuition and all fees).
  • First name, last name and student ID number for each student covered.
  • Whether out-of-state tuition will be paid by the third party.
  • Whether the third party is to be charged for tuition and/or fees if the student receives federal financial aid.
  • Contact person's name and telephone number.
  • Original signature from the authorizing party.
  • Billing address to invoice the third party.

Tuition Authorization Process

  1. Tuition Authorization is received, verified and any remaining uncovered balance of tuition/fees is to be paid by student.
  2. Cashier will place a hold on the student account noting that a Third Party will be paying on the student account.
  3. Student’s enrollment will be protected from being dropped for non-payment.
  4. Cashier completes processing after refund period.
  5. Invoice will be submitted to the Third Party sponsor from our District Office at the beginning of the following month.
  • Note: A balance may still appear in the “Amount Due” section of the Student Center until processing of the TA by the Cashiers is complete. This process may take up to 2 weeks after first round of refund dates.

Submit Tuition Authorizations to Student Business Services - Cashiers

Tuition Authorizations can be submitted to the Student Business Services - Cashiers Office via one of the following:

What Is a Cohort Program?

A Cohort program is one in which the students within that program all start and finish at the same time. In other words, the students progress through the program taking the same classes as a group. The students finish the program at the same time while earning the appropriate degree and/or certificate.

The difference between a Cohort and most programs offered at MCC is at any given time a class for most programs may have students at various levels in their studies. For example, a class for a degree program could have a first year student, a student in their final semester prior to receiving a degree, and a student taking the class as a refresher course.

If your Department is working with an organization that will provide resources/education for a Cohort of students contact Student Business Services (Cashiers) for invoicing and/or payment questions. Discussion regarding this important piece is vital to the success of the Cohort.