Student Passwords and MEIDs

All MCC students are provided an MEID (Maricopa Enterprise ID) to login to most of the systems required for attending classes and accessing course content.

Find Your MEID

If you have forgotten your MEID, please visit the Find My MEID site.


Reactivate Your MEID

If you are a former student, you may need to Reactivate your MEID.

Reactivate my MEID

Change Your Password

If you need to change your password, please visit and click the green "RESET PASSWORD NOW" button. Detailed instructions are also available below.

Password Reset

Detailed Password Reset Instructions

Please visit and click on the green "RESET PASSWORD NOW" button to reset your password. If for any reason you cannot reset your password yourself, please go back to and click on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner to chat with an idme agent. That agent will verify your identity and help you with your password reset process, including updating your recovery email and/or phone number so you can reset your password successfully. See the screenshot below for a visual aid:

IDME Password Reset Screenshot - Image of green Reset Password Now button and Icon to chat with an agent for assistance

Additional Resources