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    Short term faculty-led programs offer MCC classes taught abroad. Programs, courses, and cultural excursions may vary from year to year.  Programs are open to all students and community members.

    Look for annual program updates in mid-September!

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    Students in Belgium
    Belgium/European Union

    Offers a stimulating academic and cultural platform while exposing participants to a unique transnational perspective.

    Students at Stonehedge
    England, Scotland, France

    Immerse yourself in all aspects of British culture for a month with excursions to Paris, France and Edinburgh, Scotland.

    La Selva, Costa Rica
    La Selva, Costa Rica

    Not Offered in 2018
    Look beyond our immediate arena and the often cloistered boundaries of the USA to understand how our nation's actions impact other nations and the globe.

    Athlone, Ireland
    Athlone, Ireland

    Spend a full month immersing yourself in the study of Irish culture and history.

    Teatro Juarez Guanajuato
    Guanajuato, Mexico

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Mexico and live with a local host family while in Guanajuato!

    Spanish shawl
    Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

    Experience the Sea of Cortez, one of the best intertidal expanses in the world and Arizona's closest beach!

    Namibia, Africa
    Namibia, Africa

    Not Offered in 2018
    A trek through the wilds of Africa will probably be the single most adventurous and exciting thing that you will ever do!

    Orléans, France
    Orléans, France

    Not Offered in 2017
    Designed to create a perfect blend of discovering culture, architecture, history, and globalization.

    2017 Study Abroad
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    Why Should Students Study Abroad?

    Did you know that participating in a study abroad program can improve your marketability?

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