What do a Daft Punk song, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and your Facebook page have in common? They’re all based on mathematics.

That’s right. Math. It’s everywhere. And while you don’t need to know how to write algorithms for high-end video games, a solid understanding of math is critical to your education and career. In fact, mathematics is one of the cornerstone general course requirements for those seeking an associate’s degree.

In the Mathematics program at MCC, you’ll learn important math basics, like arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. Our program is also a great for the student who is interested in transferring to a four-year math program.

Career Profile

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Example Titles
Electrical Engineer
Finance Advisor
Types of Employers
Aerospace Industry
Communications Companies
Commercial Banks

Basic math skills are used in every workplace and every position. Whether you’re measuring, budgeting, or making a sale: math comes into play. Knowing how the “numbers” work is key to a successful career.

The greatest demand for applied mathematicians is in computer science, electronics design, and statistical analysis. Utilizing research and analyzing data are highly desirable skills to many employers. There’s also a strong need for mathematics teachers at all levels of education.

Mathematical skills can be used to:

  • Solve equations
  • Plot data to see trends
  • Forecast sales

Transfer to a University

A list of available transfer options for the Mathematics program
At MCC, get an... Transfer to... To get a...
Associate in Arts Arizona State University Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

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Before signing up for classes, you’ll want to meet with an academic advisor. Together, you’ll lay out an academic plan that suits you best. This step is essential to your academic success.

Advising for the Mathematics program is available through the Mathematics & Computer Science department. They will help you determine the exact courses you need to get the education you’re looking for.