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Christine Held, Ed.D.

Faculty Chair - Residential - Computer Information Systems


Office: BP 43A - Room: BP37

Derek Rushing

Academic Program Director, Bachelor of Applied Science in Data Analytics and Programming


Office: BP 43A - Room: 38

This program is part of the Computer Information Systems Department.

Field of Interest

Field of Interest: Computer and Information Technology
Data Analytics

Are you seeking a career that brings high job satisfaction through impactful contributions? In today's data-driven world, organizations seek skilled data analysts to interpret and analyze large datasets, resulting in abundant job opportunities and the potential for lucrative salaries.

As a data analyst, you'll engage in intellectually stimulating and purposeful work, addressing real-world challenges such as optimizing supply chain operations, understanding customer behavior, and predicting trends. Your role will be pivotal in aiding decision-makers by providing valuable insights and evidence-based recommendations that can lead to a rewarding professional experience.

Our Data Analytics offerings are designed to equip students with the skills to model, synthesize, analyze, and present large datasets for effective business decision-making. Courses will cover essential techniques, programming languages, and industry-standard software for storing, extracting, integrating, and visualizing data.

Embark on a fulfilling journey in data analytics, where your expertise will drive business success and positively impact the world. Get started today!

The Right Pathway for You

MCC offers Certificates of Completion, Associate Degrees and Transfer Degrees for this program. Your interests and goals will guide you in selecting the pathway that is ideal for you. You may find a combination of certificates, degrees or transfer options is the fastest way to realize your dreams.


The knowledge and skills acquired while earning a Certificate of Completion (CCL) can help launch you into a new career or energize your current job. Generally requiring fewer credit hours than degrees or transfer programs, a CCL may be your best first step into higher education.

A list of available certificates offered in the Data Analytics program
Name Type Title Courses
Certificate of Completion CCL Data Analytics
Certificate of Completion CCL Database Development

Bachelor’s Degree

Our newly accredited bachelor’s degree programs offer the value and convenience of a community college with the quality of a 4-year program–setting you up for more savings and greater success. With tuition rates at one-third the cost of a traditional university, MCC is guaranteed to give you the most affordable path to a bachelor’s degree.

A list of available transfer degrees offered in the Data Analytics program
Name Type Title Courses
Bachelor of Applied Science BAS Data Analytics and Programming

Career Opportunities

Successful completion of a certificate within the Data Analytics program may lead to employment in a variety of different occupations and industries. Below are examples of related occupations with associated Maricopa County-based annual median wages*. Some occupations may require additional education or training. You can click on any occupation to view more detail regarding education level, wages, and employment information.

* Career and wage information provided by Lightcast using data, reports, and forecasts which are generated using government data sources and Lightcast’s proprietary analytical processes. Lightcast’s data covers multiple classes of workers including QCEW, non-QCEW, and those who are self-employed. Disclaimer

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