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MCC Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) Vision and Purpose

MCC OIE Vision

Profoundly improve the way MCC delivers on its Vision, Mission, and Values.

Maricopa District (MCCCD) Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IR/E) Purpose and Values

To achieve our vision, MCC OIE has adopted the following purpose and values statements approved by the MCCCD Institutional Effectiveness Council.

MCCCD IR/E Purpose Statement

MCCCD IR/E positively impacts student and organizational success by ensuring stakeholders have access to meaningful, reliable and timely analytics that empower informed decision-making and drive strategy.

In this pursuit, we commit to putting action behind our shared values:

  • Students- We hold all students at the center of our work and endeavor to eliminate equity gaps, ensuring all MCCCD students are equipped for success.
  • Data Integrity- We commit to accuracy, consistency and responsibility in our production and use of data and information.
  • Data Literacy- We commit to expanding data literacy that advances an institutional culture of informed decision-making.
  • Continuous Growth- We strive for continuous growth as individuals and as a team and will actively pursue new knowledge and skills related to our work, actively engaging in inquiry to contribute new learning to our field.
  • Strategy- We commit to being proactive by anticipating challenges and opportunities and actively seeking strategic, system solutions.
  • Innovation- We leverage our collective efficacy to take risks, share new learning and provide the collaborative culture necessary to grow as thought leaders and creators in our field.
  • Excellence- We will be known for stellar service while leading change and growing capacity in our institution.

What We Do for You

Core to our purpose is the concept of providing access to analytics for our stakeholders and this fundamentally means providing access to:

  • The science of logical analysis
  • The analysis of large sets of academic and business data
  • The patterns and other meaningful information gathered from the analysis of data

If you are reading this you are likely among our stakeholders:

  • Our students
  • Members of the communities we serve
  • Our partners in education, government, and industry
  • Our internal MCCCD customers: faculty, staff, administrators, and governing board members

MCCCD IR/E teams provide the following services:

  • Institutional research and effectiveness
  • Student outcomes assessment
  • Strategic, operational, and department planning
  • Program review
  • Accreditation
  • Institutional research data systems support
  • Predictive analytics
  • Compliance reporting
  • Environmental Scanning