Office of Institutional Effectiveness

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Southern & Dobson

Building: NU 6
P: 480-461-7900


Profoundly improve the way MCC delivers on its Vision, Mission, and Values.


Enhance organizational success through integrated planning, institutional research, informed decision-making, student outcomes assessment, accreditation, and grant development.

How We Interpret Our Vision and Mission Statements

Organizational success is only possible when our students, departments, committees, initiatives, and divisions succeed. We work tirelessly to enhance organizational success by creating and facilitating: integrated planning processes, applied institutional research, informed decision-making practices, insight into student learning and performance, continued accreditation that assures quality, and grant development and management aimed at funding organizational priorities.

What We Value

We value students, professionalism, collegiality, diversity, effectiveness, snark, accuracy, creativity, health, humor, efficiency, service excellence, fun, and snacks and treats.

How We Operate

We utilize a customer-focused, internal consulting approach to deliver on our vision, mission, and values in support of MCC’s Vision, Mission, and Values. We take our work seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously (92.81% of the time).