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Did you know that astronomers have discovered more than 500 planets outside our solar system? Or that there’s a supermassive black hole at the center our Milky Way galaxy? And did you know that Jupiter’s second largest moon, Europa, most likely has a water ocean underneath its icy surface?

Astronomy is an endlessly fascinating science and your career in astronomy begins at MCC. Our program is ideal for those who want to transfer to a university and major in one of the physical sciences or who simply want to expand their knowledge in this field.

Available Associate Degree

A list of available degrees and certificates offered in the Astronomy program
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Associate in Science AS Associate in Science Course List

Transfer to a University

A list of available transfer options for the Astronomy program
At MCC, get an... Transfer to... To get a...
Associate in Science Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Earth and Space Exploration
Associate in Science Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Exploration Systems Design and Geological Sciences

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Advising for the Astronomy program is available through the Physical Science department. They will help you determine the exact courses you need to get the education you’re looking for.