Sustainable Agriculture

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Peter J. Conden

Residential Faculty - Urban Horticulture


Office: TC 50 - Room: TC 422

This program is part of the Applied Sciences and Technology Department.

Sustainable Agriculture

The first of its kind in Arizona, Mesa Community College’s Sustainable Agriculture degree is focused on small scale and urban agriculture with an emphasis on natural practices and sustainability methods that net high yields without undermining the natural systems and the resources that productivity depends on.

Learn hands-on how to grow crops and raise animals as well as run a small business on the urban farm located on the campus of Mesa Community College. Based on organic and natural production methods, the goal of the program is to prepare entrepreneurs and a highly skilled, trained workforce for this growing field of sustainable agriculture. Classes include some of the best sustainable agriculture techniques employed today to achieve the goals of weed, pest, disease and erosion control as well as high soil quality:

  • Aquaponics
  • Crop Rotation
  • Cover Crops
  • Soil Enrichment
  • Biointensive Integrated Pest Management​

Available Associate Degree

A list of available degrees and certificates offered in the Sustainable Agriculture program
Degree / Certificate Type Title Courses
Associate in Applied Science AAS Sustainable Agriculture Course Sequence

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