Associated Students of MCC

2023-2024 Elections

It's election time for the ASMCC Student Government!

ASMCC Elections will take place on April 26th and 27th online (on this page) and the Student Life & Leadership Offices at both campuses. Click the link below to cast your vote.

Meet the candidates:

DaShawn Hudgins
Candidate for President of Southern & Dobson

“I’m running for ASMCC President for the opportunity to help other students like myself understand and plan, acknowledge and receive the resources that are out there for us and through that make friendships and make MCC a fun place to stay after classes are over.”

DaShawn is the current Student Body President and former Executive VIce President of ASMCC. DaShawn was appointed to President when the former President resigned after Fall 2022. In this role he has been successful in re-energizing ASMCC in a post pandemic environment. He has worked with students, campus organizations, and campus leadership on a number of important issues. These include retention, engagement, student success and student transportation. DaShawn has also hosted a number of successful events. The Dodgeball Tournament being a focal point for these events. DaShawn often attends MCC Thunderbird sporting events to cheer on his fellow students. DaShawn is a Communications and Business major with a projected graduation date of 2024. After graduation DaShawn plans to move closer to his home in Philadelphia and get his Bachelors

Luisa Casillas Galvan
Candidate for Executive Vice President of Southern & Dobson

“There has been countless events that I hear students say, 'I wish I would’ve known about that, I would have gone.’ I think we need to do a better job reaching students, both in person and online, and old and young students. I believe I can make that change happen.”

Luisa is active in a number of organizations on campus. Luisa currently acts as the Senator of the Friendly Colors club in the Student Senate. Additionally, Luisa is actively involved in M.E.Ch.A and Women Rising. In these roles Luisa has spoken at Women Rising events and sat on the student panel at the Pride of Maricopa event. Luisa has earned countless awards and acknowledgements including a Rocky Mountain Student Production Emmy Award. Luisa is a Film major with a projected graduation date of 2024. After graduating Luisa plans to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Film and pursue a career in film production

Florian Ngoc Trung Nguyen
Candidate for Vice President of Operations

“I really enjoy being in Student Senate, helping different Student Clubs to be more active. I also enjoy listening to other students’ concerts and give voice to their concerns.”

Florian is involved in many programs on campus. This includes his current role as Vice President of Operations. As part of this role he sits as chair of the Appropriations Committee for Student Senate. Florian fights to ensure that clubs and organizations can get the funding they need to participate in and host events on and off campus. He is also on the Model United Nations Team and attended the conference in San Francisco. Among Florian’s great accomplishments is that he reached out directly to his professor and classmates to form and compete in a Cybersecurity Competition where he will act as Team Leader for MCC. Florian is a Computer Science major with a projected graduation date of 2025. After graduating at MCC he plans to find love and a job in his field of study.

Amendment to ASMCC Constitution

Amendment to the Constitution of ASMCC adding "Shared Governance."

This amendment would create a process for shared governance and set the foundation for a student run representative organization at the Red Mountain Campus. The Red Mountain Campus has frequently struggled with adequate representation in the ASMCC process. By creating their own governing body with a President, they will be able to adequately represent the students of Red Mountain. The amendment would also remove the Vice President of Red Mountain creating the President of Red Mountain position. Additionally, the amendment would require the President of Red Mountain to create and chair a governing body representative of the student population of Red Mountain.

SB 22-23 S009 Amendment to ASMCC Constitution

ASMCC Student Government

ASMCC is a student governed organization that works to advance the needs and interests of Mesa Community College students by promoting and maintaining a democratic form of student government. We develop, implement, and regulate programs that will further the intellectual, social, physical, person, and leadership development of MCC students. Most of all we encourage and support high standards of student achievement. All students who are enrolled in one credit hour are considered members of The Associated Students of Mesa Community College. The Associated Students of Mesa Community College consists of three branches: The Executive Board, Student Senate, and the Student Court.

ASMCC Organizational Structure

The Executive Board consists of four officers elected by the student body each spring. They include, President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Communication, and Vice President of Fiscal Affairs. The Executive Board is responsible for the management, administration and appoints necessary staff to facilitate the goals of ASMCC.

ASMCC Student Senate represents the voice of the student membership, and ensures that the wishes of the ASMCC membership are published and distributed. The legislative and specified fiscal power of ASMCC resides within Student Senate. Student Senate allocates funds to various clubs on campus as well as programs that further develop the intellectual, social, physical, personal, and leadership potential of all ASMCC Students.