At Mesa Community College, diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values. Diversity is our greatest asset. We create systems, environments, and interactions that welcome, engage, and support all learners. Our mission is creating an inclusive and vibrant learning community where everyone is supported to achieve success.

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Refers to the presence of differences. Examples of diversity include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, religion, socioeconomic status, immigrant status, language, disability, age, and religious/spiritual beliefs.


Refers to fairness and equality of opportunities and ensuring equally high outcomes for all. This involves providing resources and outreach amenable to individual and community-wide needs and removing barriers in order to elevate the community we serve from equality to equity. This takes into consideration the historical and contemporary conditions that create different starting points for individuals and requires the institution to adjust its policies and practices to address those realities and provide equal access to all members of both our internal and external communities.


Refers to the creation of an organizational culture where everyone is acknowledged, valued, validated, and supported. This culture of inclusion is applied as a core value throughout all aspects of the organization, including policies and practices, and throughout the hierarchy of the institution.

Diversity Resources

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Explore diversity resources provided for students that can help you both personally and academically.

Diversity Resources for Students
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Employee-specific diversity resources are also available. An MCC Intranet account is required for access.

Diversity Resources for Employees