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Did you know Dual-Enrollment allows you to earn college credits while still attending high school?

This head start on a college education can help you save money and finish a college degree at an accelerated rate. Taught by qualified teachers at your high school, Dual-Enrollment classes are convenient and practical.

Why not get credit for a class you’re already planning on taking? The classes are transferable to most colleges and universities, so when you leave high school the credits will transfer with you.

Career Pathways

Confused on what you want to do? There are lots of career options and you can explore many of them. Find 16 career clusters that will lead you to a rewarding career. It’s time to focus on your future!

Associate in General Studies

This degree is designed for students whose educational goals require flexibility. The AGS allows you to choose any elective course 100 or above to complete the degree. Meet with an advisor for specific degree information.