Transfer: Key to completing your Goals

By earning your associate degree at MCC you are giving yourself some important advantages. Such a degree can help you get a job or promotion, and get admitted into one of more than 40 partner institutions – including the three public Arizona universities. Your associate degree could even help you qualify for tuition discounts and scholarships!

Whether you are entering or leaving MCC, we can help ensure your transfer goes smoothly. Below you will find some useful information, recommendations, and links to more transfer services.

The more you know about the transfer process and your responsibilities, the better. Be sure you work closely with your academic advisor, as they can help you save time and make the best educational decisions based on your goals and personal circumstances.

Complete your Bachelor’s Degree at a University

As a Maricopa Community College, MCC has agreements with the three Arizona public universities as well as more than forty other institutions, including international colleges. Get started below if you are interested in ASU, NAU, UA, or GCU; or visit our Transfer Partners page for information on other colleges and universities.

Arizona State University
Northern Arizona University
The University of Arizona
Grand Canyon University

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Transferring into MCC

As soon as you have been admitted to MCC you should contact our Academic Advisement department and arrange to work with an academic advisor either in person or by phone. The advisor will assist you with setting up your educational goals, selecting the appropriate classes and guiding you in using our campus resources.

An advisor can also help you with applications for admission to other schools, residency questions pertaining to tuition, transcripts from other schools, the class enrollment process, and more.

Transfer your credits