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Keep more money in your pocket by starting your educational journey with us. MCC’s average annual tuition is 75% less than what many other in-state colleges and universities charge. At $84 dollars per credit hour, you will be embarking on a first-rate education at an affordable cost.

Whether you plan to transfer or enter the workforce upon completing your education with MCC, our highly qualified faculty will prepare you for your next step. Student success is our number one priority.

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Summer Semester - Starts May 26, 2015

Now you can take a traditional 16-week course in half the time!  Summer Semester offers 16-week courses in an intense, fast paced period of study.  By taking a Summer class you can reduce your Fall class load or catch up on degree requirements.  MCC offers three different, convenient sessions during Summer semester: two 5-week sessions, and one 8-week session.  With almost 1,000 Summer classes to choose from, MCC has a class for you.

Fall Semester - Starts August 22, 2015

MCC offers incredibly affordable, flexible classes designed for you.  Traditional, hybrid, day, evening, or late-start classes are available on campus or online.  With almost 4,000 classes to choose from, you are sure to find a class to fit your needs.  Enroll at MCC today.

Other Options

Balancing a job, personal commitments, and family while trying to go to school can be a real challenge.  MCC offers flexible options to suit all your needs so you can focus on what is most important: your education.

Late-Start classes start several times throughout the semester and, depending on the class, run in 8, 10, and 14 week options.  Check the course schedule to choose the pace that works for you!

MCC’s eLearning also provides you with a convenient, flexible alternative to traditional classes.  With hybrid and online classes you can turn the coffee house, a park, or your living room into you classroom.  It’s flexibility for those on the go.  In addition to hybrid and online classes, MCC offers over 20 degrees and certificates you can earn 100% online.