University of Arizona

Interested in becoming a Wildcat? With over 300 undergraduate degrees, UA offers you many choices of possible degrees. All you have to decide is which one you want to pursue. The Pathway programs and Bridge Program help you save money by starting your classes at MCC, then transferring your credits toward a bachelor’s degree at UA. Learn more about your transfer options!

Steps to get to UA

  1. Decide
    Decide where you want to go and what your major is going to be. If you are undecided about your major visit UA's Degree Search page to see what degrees are available to you.
  2. Meet
    Meet with the transfer specialist from UA. Talk over the different pathways, look over, and start planning which classes you’ll need to take at MCC.
  3. Attend Class
    Take the classes you plan to transfer to UA.
  4. Apply
    Apply for undergraduate admission. Remember this step includes FAFSA, sending in your official transcripts, and possibly your SAT/ACT test scores. Make sure you start the process early to give yourself enough time to complete it.
  5. Major Requirements
    Some programs have more specific requirements than UA’s general admissions. It could happen that you are admitted to UA, but not to your program! This causes delays in your education, so check out your major to make sure you have all required papers and tests.

Transfer Programs

Bridge Program

This program allows you to transfer credits to UA and provides access to additional advising resources, Bridge events, and eligibility for the Bridge Scholarship.  Meet with Carlos Bravo to get started.

Pathways Program

The pathways program gives you a simple, detailed sequence of which classes to take at MCC that will best transfer into certain majors at UA. Click here to view specific pathways.

Transfer Requirements

Worried about whether you’ll be admitted to UA? The transferring programs and the resources available to you as a transfer student will help make the transfer process easier. Here are some requirements to keep in mind before transferring:

  • The application costs $50
  • You must have your official transcripts sent to UA
  • If you are under 22, you will also need to send in your high school transcripts
  • You must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to transfer

Your major may have additional entrance requirements — make sure you have everything you need before applying.


View UA Scholarships

Worried about the cost of college? We know it’s expensive. By starting your degree at MCC you’ve already decreased the cost of your degree. Further decrease your student loans by applying for scholarships. When you submit your UA application, you are also automatically applying for scholarships. These are some of the scholarships you may qualify for as a transfer student:

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship, you must be a member of PTK, and must maintain a 3.5 GPA.

Bridge Program Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship you must be enrolled in the Bridge Program at least one semester away from transferring to UA and have maintained a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Learn more about UA Bridge here:

Transfer Tuition Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship, you must be transferring to UA and have maintained a 3.0 GPA.

Visit Opportunities

Want to get a better idea about what life as a Wildcat is all about? Visit the campus!

Transfer Student Tours:

Tour the campus, learn about transfer admissions, and learn what it is like to be a transfer student on campus. Click Here to Sign Up for a Transfer Student Tour.

Campus Ambassador Tours:

Visit and learn about campus from a current UA student. This tour includes an admissions presentation followed by a 90-minute walking tour of campus. Click Here to Sign Up for a Campus Ambassador Tour.

Expanded-Visit Opportunities:

Visit campus to learn more about your college major and opportunities and meet with your major advisor. Click Here to Sign Up for your College Major Visit.

Contact Info

Have questions? Make an appointment to speak with Carlos Bravo! He is the UA transfer expert who works helping MCC students transfer to UA. You can ask him about anything- what classes to take, where to live at UA, and how to go about getting financial aid. He is here to make your transfer experience easy and pleasant; make an appointment today!

Questions? Call Carlos Bravo!

Carlos Bravo

Transfer Admissions Counselor
UA Main Campus
Office Phone: 520-354-9158

Hours & Location

On Campus Wednesdays & Thursdays
Appointments & Walk-Ins
9:00am to 12:00pm  & 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Southern & Dobson - Building GC 54A
Email to schedule an appointment.