Honors Achievement Award Scholarship

By applying for the Honors Achievement Award Scholarship, the student also applies for the Honors Program.

Submit your completed application to the Honors Office in person, by mail, scan and email, or fax. It takes 1-2 weeks to process your Honors Program application. We will verify your eligibility and then contact you via email, please provide a current email address on your application. If you are not eligible at the time that you apply, we send you a email explaining the reason; and we review eligibility at the end of every semester and send a follow up email regarding your current status. However you are welcome to take an Honors-Only class or take a class for Honors credit with a contract. Taking an Honors class without the scholarship funds will help you reach your goal of 15 honors credit hours faster to graduate from the Honors Program. Once your cumulative district-wide GPA reaches 3.25 you would then be eligible for the scholarship funds.

The Honors Achievement Award Scholarship is available to students who meet the following eligibility requirements

  • Have submitted a completed Honors Program application.
  • Hold a minimum cumulative district-wide GPA of 3.25 or higher and have a minimum of twelve (12) completed credit hours (must be 100 level or above) at one or any combination of the MCCCD college(s).  
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of one (1) – three (3) credit Honors class preferably an Honors-Only class for every semester you are participating in.
  • Students must also complete one (1) co-curricular activity each semester to be eligible for the scholarship award.

The award amount is based on the number of credit hours for which the student is enrolled. Awards are for Fall and Spring semesters only and does not apply to the Summer semesters. Scholarship funds will be awarded at the end of the Fall/ Spring semester upon completion of Honors course/contract.

Starting Spring 2015 the scholarship award amounts are:

  • $500 for 12+ credit hours a semester
  • $325 for 9 - 11 credit hours a semester
  • $244 for 6 - 8 credit hours a semester

Retention: In order to continue to receive an Honors Achievement Award, eligible students must maintain a cumulitive District-wide GPA of 3.25 or higher and successfully complete an Honors class (earn at least a grade of 'C' or higher) each semester.  Students must also complete one (1) co-curricular activity each semester. Students who do not successfully meet all the criteria will not be eligible to receive a Honors Achievement Award. Students who have not met all the criteria must reapply to the Honors Program if they have not been participating in the Honors Program for more than two semesters.

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