Presidents' Honors Scholarship Program

Fall 2020 Honors Orientations

Students accepted into the Honors Program are required to attend an Honors Program Orientation (this is in addition to the New Student Orientation).

The Presidents’ Honors Scholarship covers in-state/in-county tuition up to Fifteen (15) credit hours plus the $15 registration fee for four consecutive semesters as long as the student maintains eligibility at the end of each semester. The scholarship does not apply to summer sessions.

In-state tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year is a flat rate of $1,020.00 for full time enrollment (twelve (12)+ credits). The dollar amount of the Presidents' Honors Scholarship for 2020-2021 academic year is $1,035.00 per semester and scholarship recipients can take any number of credits above twelve (12) for no additional cost.

To be eligible, students must enroll at the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) campus of their choice within one academic year (two academic semesters) of graduating from a Maricopa County high school (including NCA-accredited, charter, private, religious high schools, homeschool), without having attended another accredited college or university before enrolling in a MCCCD campus (concurrent, dual enrollment, and Summer session excluded).

Protect Your PII

MCC does not accept personal identifiable information through email or fax. Documents sent in this manner will not be processed.​


Students submitting the Presidents' Honors Scholarship application must be able to show legal presence in the United States and eligible to receive public funds. In addition, students must also be a resident of Maricopa County while on scholarship. Students must apply to the program within one academic year (two academic semesters) of graduation from high school or other secondary education program as listed below, without having attended another accredited college or university before enrolling in a Maricopa County Community College District campus (co-enrollment, dual enrollment, and summer session excluded).

Pathway To Receive This Scholarship - Submitting Official Final High School Transcript

Completion of a secondary education program in Maricopa County (including NCA-accredited, charter, private, religious high schools, homeschool), with a final, unweighted, GPA of 3.25 or higher.

After graduating, once your official final transcripts is available, it can be submitted electronically by clicking here. An official final high school transcript must include the following: all final grades, unweighted final GPA, graduation date and be signed by the high school registrar.

Required Application Materials

  • A signed MCCCD Presidents’ Honors Scholarship Application/Agreement.
  • An official final high school transcript must be sent via official college electronic transfer system (e.g. Parchment or Naviance) to the college Admissions and Records Office or sent through the U.S. Mail service. Please inquire with the college Admissions and Records Office for homeschool transcript guidelines. Your scholarship cannot be awarded until your Official final high school transcript has been received.
  • Complete the Mandatory Honors Program Orientation at the beginning of the first semester.
  • Enroll in a minumum of twelve (12) letter-graded credits hours (at 100-level or above), including a three-credit Honors class (an Honors-Only class is required your first two (2) semesters).
  • Complete a Mandatory Mid-Semester Grade Check your first semester on the Presidents' Honors scholarship.

Renewal and Retention of the Presidents' Honors Scholarship

For the Presidents' Honors Scholarship to be renewed each semester (up to four consecutive semesters, excluding summer semesters), the student must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Maintain continuous enrollment as a full-time student for the four consecutive semesters (excluding summers).
  • Enroll in and complete at least twelve (12), letter-graded credits (at 100-level or above) each Fall and Spring semester. (Pass/Fail excluded unless degree specific but must be verified with MCC Honors Program before enrollment).
  • Enroll in and complete with a grade of “C” or higher at least 3-credits of Honors coursework. An Honors-Only class is required your first two (2) semesters. Third and fourth semester students have the option of taking and Honors-Only class - OR - taking a class for Honors credit via and Honors contract.
  • Maintain an MCCCD cumulative District Wide GPA of 3.25 or higher, including co-enrollment and dual enrollment grades.
  • Complete the two (2) required Co-Curricular Activities (as defined by the Honors Program) each semester while on scholarship.

Probation and Termination

A Presidents' Honors Scholar whose cumulative Maricopa GPA, including ALL credits (e.g. dual enrollment), falls below 3.25 but at or above 3.0 at the end of the first semester could be placed on probation. The student must raise the cumulative Maricopa GPA to at least 3.25 prior to beginning the third semester. If Probation is granted the student must meet with on of the Honors Directors to sign a letter of probation.

Students will not be eligible for renewal of the scholarship if:

  • the cumulative Maricopa GPA, including ALL credits, is below 3.0 at the end of the first semester,
  • they fail to complete their Honors coursework or a sufficient number of credit hours,
  • they receive less than a “C” grade in their Honors course,
  • they do not complete the required two (2) Co-Curricular Activities per semester,
  • they do not maintain a cumulative GPA above 3.25 after the first semester.

Honors Program students should not withdraw from courses or alter class schedules without first consulting the College Honors Program.

Refund, drop/add, and withdrawal policies, dates, and deadlines apply to all.

How the Scholarship is Disbursed

Presidents' Honors Scholars will have their fee due date on their billing statement deferred until financial aid is awarded. At that time, provided all necessary paperwork is completed and the student is enrolled in an Honors course, the scholarship amount will be applied to the student's account. Students must pay any fees over the scholarship amount by the date on the billing statement.


To qualify as an Honors Program Graduate, a student must be eligible to graduate from the college and must meet the additional requirements that include a 3.5 MCCCD cumulative District-wide GPA, completion of fifteen (15) credit hours in Honors coursework across three disciplines, and completion of Co-Curriculars.


Presidents’ Honors Scholars who are in good standing, or meet the requirement to receive the scholarship, may apply for the deferment of their Presidents’ Honors Scholarship for but not limited to the following:

  • Serving a Church Mission
  • Awaiting Admission into a specific program (ie Nursing Program, Denial Hygiene Program, etc.)
  • Medical Reasons
  • Internship – cannot receive college credit for a college or university outside the Maricopa County Community College District
  • Any other requests are at the discretion of the Honors Program Director

Deferment Application Process

Students must complete and submit a Deferment Application with their respective college Honors Program to initiate the process. Students must provide the required documentation regarding the leave of absence prior to their departure. Submission of the deferment does not guarantee automatic approval. In the case of an unpredicted situation, students should contact the Honors Program at their college to initiate the process.

The following stipulations apply to all deferments

  • The student must be in good standing, or meet the requirements to receive the scholarship, to request deferral of the Presidents’ Honors Scholarship.
  • Required documentation must be submitted with the deferment application. Example: Church Mission – call letter, Wait list for a specific program – letter of acceptance to wait list, Medical reasons – letter from physician or institution under care, Internship – letter of acceptance into program, etc.
  • Deferment may be granted for a maximum of twenty-four months (four full consecutive fall and spring semesters). Please plan your deferment period/departure accordingly.
  • Requested time must correlate with the time frame of the activity that is preventing you from the required continuous enrollment at the Maricopa County Community Colleges.
  • Students may not attend another educational institution during the deferment period unless they are participating in a Maricopa-sponsored program.
  • Students must return to an MCCCD school the semester immediately following the completion of the leave (fall or spring).
  • Any changes to the deferment as originally approved may result in the loss of that deferment and the Presidents’ Honors Scholarship.
  • Students may not receive more than one deferment.

Returning to a Maricopa Community College

Students must submit documentation of release; be accepted to begin a specific program; able to resume full time student status; return from internship and able to resume classes, or other documentation Honors Program director requested. Documentation must be submitted to the Honors Program at the college where the leave was requested at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester. The documentation should include the student’s name, his/her Maricopa ID number, and the semester s/he intends to return.

Submit Deferment Application

For More Information

For more information on the Honors Program visit the Faculty & Staff and the FAQ pages.