Certificate of Completion in Technology Support Analyst

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Certificate Information

Academic Plan

CCL Technology Support Analyst

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Students must earn a grade of C or better for all courses listed in the program. ++ indicates any suffixed courses.

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Technology Support Analyst program is designed to give students a foundation of technical knowledge important for those interested in becoming part of the technology help desk support system within office configurations. The curriculum designed to equip students with marketable skills for adaptation to the specific tasks and troubleshooting techniques of the automated office.

Suggested Course Plan Sequenced by Semester

Required Courses Credits: 13

CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems (3) OR
BPC110Computer Usage and Applications (3)3
BPC170A+ Exam Prep: Computer Hardware Configuration and Support3
MST150++Any Microsoft Windows Operating System course3
CNT140AAIntroduction to Networks4

Restricted Electives

CNT150AACisco - Routing and Switching Essentials4
BPC270A+ Exam Prep: Operating System Configuration and Support3
CIS126DLLinux Operating System3
CIS238DLLinux System Administration (3) OR
CIS240DLLinux Network Administration (3)3
MST158++Any Installing and Configuring Windows Server course (4) OR
MST155++Any Configuring Advanced Windows Server course (4) OR
MST157++Any Administering Windows Server course (4)4

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View MCCCD's program website for the Certificate of Completion in Technology Support Analyst (http://aztransmac2.asu.edu/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MCCCD.woa/wa/freeForm?id=109670).

Major: 5997
First Term: 2018 Spring
Final Term: Current
Award: CCL
Total Credits: 19-21
CIPS code: 11.1006
SOC codes: 15-1151
Initiating College: Mesa Community College
Program Availability: College-Specific - MC
Occupational Area: Business, Management, and Administration
Instructional Council: Computer Information Systems (12)
GPA: 2.00