Certificate of Completion in Bilingual Education/Dual Language Immersion (BE/DLI)

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CCL Bilingual Education/Dual Language Immersion (BE/DLI)

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Field of Interest: Education


Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses required within the program.

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Bilingual Education/Dual Language Immersion (BE/DLI) program is designed for educators pursuing bilingual education endorsement. The BE/DLI Certificate program is designed to prepare educators to be culturally responsive to the needs of language learners, become advocates for strong program models, and implement effective instructional strategies within BE/DLI programs. Coursework is designed to address foundations for serving language learners, BE/DLI methods and assessment, and linguistics, providing the cultural and pedagogical knowledge needed to engage learners in quality educational experiences. Includes required coursework toward Bilingual Education Endorsement provided by the Arizona Department of Education. Valid Arizona teaching certificate is required for state endorsement.

What You’ll Learn

This program will help you gain the expertise needed to:

  1. Demonstrate cultural competence to create an inclusive learning environment that validates students backgrounds and experiences.
  2. Develop and apply knowledge of linguistic concepts and language acquisition theories.
  3. Identify and define characteristics of strong program models that promote language development and biliteracy.
  4. Plan lessons based on content and language standards with activities, materials/resources, and assessments that align to measurable objectives to be used within BE/DLI classroom settings.
  5. Implement lessons that differentiate instruction based on learner needs using effective strategies to develop language and content knowledge.

Program Prerequisites

Program prerequisites
Course #Course TitleCredits

Required Courses

Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
EDU220Introduction to Serving English Language Learners (ELL) (3) OR
EPD220Introduction to Serving English Language Learners for Certified Teachers (3)3
EDU230Cultural Diversity in Education3
EDU233Structured English Immersion, English as a Second Language, and Bilingual Teaching Methods (3) OR
EPD233Structured English Immersion and English as a Second Language Teaching Methods for Teachers (3) OR
EPD241Bilingual/Dual Language Immersion Methods (3)3
EPD244Reading and Writing in SEI/ESL/Bilingual Settings3
EPD246Teaching and Assessment of English Language Learners (ELL)3
EPD247Practicum for English as a Second Language (ESL)/Bilingual Teachers (3) OR
Two years of full-time bilingual teaching experience verified by the District Superintendent or Personnel Director (0)0-3
ENG213Introduction to the Study of Language (3) OR
SLC201Introduction to Linguistics (3)3

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Major: 5127
First Term: 2016 Fall
Final Term: 2020 Spring
Award: CCL
Total Credits: 18-21
CIPS code: 13.1401
SOC codes: 25-3011.00
Initiating College:
Program Availability: - MC
Occupational Area: Education and Training
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Last Updated: 02/25/2020