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The Maricopa County Community College District Associate in Science degree requires 60-64 semester credits for the program of study. The degree includes the following components:
I. General Education:
    Arizona General Education Curriculum for Science (AGEC-S)
    MCCCD Additional Requirements
II. General Electives

Purpose of the Degree
The Associate in Science degree is designed for students planning to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. In general, the components of the degree meet requirements for majors with more stringent mathematics and mathematics-based science requirements. Generally, the degree will transfer as a block without loss of credit to Arizona's public universities and other institutions with district-wide articulation agreements.

In most cases, courses used to satisfy the MCCCD Associate in Science will apply to university graduation requirements of the university major for which the Associate in Science is designed. Information regarding the articulation of the Associate in Science with majors at the Arizona public universities can be accessed via the following website:

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