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MCC is a Smart Decision

Build Your Future. Not Your Debt.

An education is one of life’s most valuable assets. And it doesn’t have to put you deeply in debt. MCC delivers a highly enriching educational experience on two exciting campuses and at a great value. Annual tuition is 75%* less than what many in-state colleges and universities charge.

While college costs have skyrocketed, leaving many students burdened by huge debts, MCC has remained affordable with fees and tuition notably low. But there’s more to our value than just saving money. MCC students gain competencies through studies that are embedded with the Four Cs — Communication, Critical Thinking, Civic Engagement and Cultural and Global Engagement.

MCC students transferring to Arizona public universities earn an average 3.0 GPA their first year. More than 1,500 graduating from those colleges each year started as MCC transfers. **

*Arizona Board of Regents – Arizona University System Board-Approved 2015-16 Base Tuition and Mandatory Fee Report
** ASSIST (Arizona State System for Information on Student Transfer) 2015/16
Icon - $85 cost per credit Cost Per Credit for an affordable education at MCC
Icon - 75% Less Annual Tuition than what many in-state universities charge on average *

Make Education More Affordable

Financial Aid

There is a wealth of Maricopa Community Colleges, MCC, federal, state, local and special organization funding available to help you pay for your education.

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There may be specific qualifications but funds do not have to be earned or repaid.

Learn More About Scholarships

Presidents’ Honors Scholarship Program

Available to recent Maricopa County high school graduates with a 3.0 GPA or better plus qualifying placement test scores. It covers tuition and some fees up to 15 credit hours for four consecutive semesters. By applying for the Presidents’ Scholarship, the student also applies for the Honors Program.

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Top Five Reasons to Attend MCC

MCC is a great value. Enjoy a remarkably affordable higher education, engaged and highly regarded faculty, diverse programs, convenient class choices and an abundance of free services.

What Do You Want to Study?

A degree and certificate from MCC is an investment in your future. Research more than 100 exceptional programs of study to find the one that best suits you.

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Programs & Degrees

Explore Your Best Degree and Career Possibilities

MCC Career Services can help you find majors reflecting your interests, values, abilities and what you want in a future job. Assess yourself via free computerized quizzes and an MCC advisor will help you match programs of study to degrees of your choice.

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Engaged in Providing Quality Education

Faculty at MCC are lifelong learners who stay at the forefront of their fields with research that keeps curricula fresh and relevant and affords students possibilities to gain undergraduate academic research experience.

Highly Regarded Faculty

Faculty Foster Student Success

Quality and effective faculty are involved in developing assessments to measure what students are achieving in their studies. The assessments identify areas of strength and areas for improvement in order to continually enhance the student learning experience.

At MCC, faculty also developed the Institutional Student Learning Outcomes to be embedded into classes. Woven into courses across many disciplines, these are known as the MCC Four Cs — Communication, Critical Thinking, Civic Engagement, and Cultural and Global Engagement.

Shape - Award 29% of full-time faculty hold doctoral degrees.

Student Success

Engaged faculty and staff are here to help you reach success by guiding you to match your interests with your skills and aptitudes so you’ll discover your ideal career. You’ll receive the inspiration, support and expertise to put you on your successful education path.

Listen to MCC Alumni

Alumni talk about MCC helping them find grants and scholarships so they get a valuable education, not a pile of debt.

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