Institutional Outcomes

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes: “MCC's 4Cs”

Student outcomes assessment is a term used to describe the measurement and documentation of what Mesa Community College (MCC) students are achieving in their studies at the college. Faculty members across the Maricopa Community Colleges District (MCCCD) have defined the outcomes of college programs and courses competencies and developed measures to assess them.

At MCC, faculty also developed the Institutional Student Learning Outcomes that are to be embedded at the course level. These outcomes are known as the “MCC’s 4 Cs” and are consistent with the Vision, Mission, and Values of both MCC and MCCCD, and reflect our commitment to Individuals and Community, Innovation, Integrity, Learning, and Service Excellence: Communication, Critical Thinking, Civic Engagement and Cultural and Global Engagement

Faculty Resource: This video demonstrates how to upload MCC's 4Cs Outcomes and Scoring Guidelines into your courses.



The purposeful development, expression and reception of a message through oral, written or nonverbal means.

Critical Thinking

The habit of mind of analyzing issues, ideas, artifacts events and/or evidence to draw conclusions or solve problems.

Civic Engagement

Encompasses actions to promote the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.

Cultural & Global Engagement

Encompasses knowledge, skills, and attitudes students acquire through a variety of experiences that enable them to understand world cultures, analyze global systems, appreciate cultural differences, and apply this knowledge and appreciation to their lives as educated individuals and global citizens.

Refer to Scoring Guidelines for further details of each outcome and discipline specific application.