England & Scotland

July 8-August 8, 2023

Program Locations

Nottingham is in central England's Midlands region. It's known for its role in the Robin Hood legend and was once the center of the world's lace industry. London: the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is a 21st-century city with history stretching back to Roman times. Edinburgh: Scotland's cosmopolitan capital city borders with miles of lush countryside.

Paris: France's capital, is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Its 19th-century cityscape is crisscrossed by wide boulevards and the River Seine.

Imagine taking Maricopa summer courses while exploring England and Scotland! Your global academic adventure will contrast the historical, artistic, anthropological, and social contexts of these different countries and cultures.

Spend four weeks exploring the history and modernity – both above and below ground – of some of the world’s greatest cities, including London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. Excursions include, but are not limited to: Stonehenge, City of York, City of Bath, Brighton, the British Museum (in London), Chatsworth (in Derbyshire, England), and Holyrood Palace, the Royal Mile, Arthur's Seat, and a tour of the underground vaults in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Based in Nottingham, England, your “home” for a month is associated with the legend of Robin Hood in the Sherwood Forest and the defeat of Richard III, former king of England. Nottingham is a vibrant, walkable city in the East Midlands region of central England where the average temperature in July is 70 degrees!

Britain Program Excursions (with tentative dates)

Courses Offered (6 credits - choose 2 courses)

  • ENH251 Mythology 16544 (3) [G, HU]
  • PSY132 Psychology and Culture 17165 (3) [C, G, SB]
  • Mandatory study abroad orientation on Saturday, April 15, 2023 from 9 am - 2 pm at MCC.

Britain Program Details

  • Students will be housed in student residential housing at Cleaves Hall in Nottingham. Housing units include private bedrooms with bed linens, a communal kitchen, laundry facilities, and electronic security.

Did You Know??

  • The United Kingdom has no written constitution.
  • England helped develop many of the world's favorite sports, including football (soccer), boxing, and tennis; the Scots invented golf in the 1500s.
  • Haggis, a Scottish national dish, is made from ground sheep entrails that are mixed with oats and spices, tied in a sheep's stomach, and cooked.
  • The London Underground, known as the Tube, was the first subway system in the world.
  • Currency used is the pound (GBP, represented by the sign: "£").
  • Read more detailed cultural information on the United Kingdom provided by CultureGrams™.
    United kingdom (2022). CultureGrams Online Edition. ProQuest.

Estimated Program Costs & Deadlines

Expense Type Estimated Cost Deadline

Program Fee
Includes lodging, academic facilities, cultural excursions, in-country ground transportation, and secondary medical insurance.

How to Pay


Program Fee Due: Friday, March 24, 2023

$250 Confirmation Deposit Due (towards total program fee): upon acceptance to program

Confirmation deposit is non-refundable after the program fee payment deadline.

Registration Fee

Tuition: 6 credits
In-state: $85 per credit hour
Out-of-state: $205 per credit hour

How to Pay

$ 15

$ 510

Airfare (estimated cost) $1,900

Your program director will provide you with instructions on purchasing airfare for your program. Only after you have received these instructions should you purchase airfare.


Meals are NOT included in program fee

$1,000 Not needed until you land in Britain!
TOTAL Estimated Costs $6,344 (program fee, tuition, airfare and meals)
Possible PCR Tests for both the UK and re-entry to the US.

Subject to change


Insurance for Participants 60+ Years of Age $3.56 per day The program fee includes secondary insurance for participants ages 18-59. There is an additional insurance charge for students 60 years and over.
Textbooks N/A No textbooks required!

Passport Info Here

Your passport must be valid at least 6 months beyond the date of your return to the USA.
$ 165/130
  • Be sure to allow at least 14-18 weeks of processing time for first time applicants and renewals.
  • Visit the U.S. Department of State website for current fees and processing times.

Program Application Deadline

Space is limited.

Apply early to reserve your place!

  • Application Deadline: March 3, 2023
    Now accepting applications!
  • Complete online application.
  • Late applications will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Applications are reviewed/approved on a rolling basis.

Scholarships and Funding Your Program

Title Date(s) More Information

A New Leaf Assets to Opportunity (ATO)

A match savings program designed to help individuals save their own money in a special savings account and have their money matched for tuition, textbooks, and some study abroad program expenses with an 8:1 match.

October 31, 2022


  • Must have earned income
  • Be a resident of Arizona
  • Income must be at or below 200% of federal poverty line
  • Commit to saving $500 and saving for at least 3 months
  • Commit to making $30 deposits twice per month
  • Complete a financial wellness workshop and any other program requirements
  • Contact: ATO@turnanewleaf.org

International Education

IE Study Abroad Scholarship

  • Does NOT require FAFSA but helps!
  • Award Range: $250-$900
  • If you are receiving financial aid from another MCCCD college, please share your FAFSA with MCC (school code 001077) two weeks prior to scholarship deadline.

Maricopa Grant

  • England/France/Scotland program excluded

Deadline: Saturday, February 11, 2023

Get information on financial aid & grants, scholarships, and misc. resources for study abroad here.

PRIOR to applying for a scholarship, student must:

  • Be accepted into your study abroad program. Apply early!
  • Pay the program deposit of $250 online, at Cashier Services, or by calling 480.461.7400.
  • IE Study Abroad Scholarship awards will be announced via email in late February.
  • Maricopa Grants announced in mid-April-May when Summer financial aid begins awarding.


Application: https://mcccd.scholarships.ngwebsolutions.com/Applications/Apply?ApplicationFormId=24036&AYID=1441&StartPage=1

Keyword Search: Study Abroad Program at Mesa Community College

MCC Honors Program Scholarship

Maximum Award: $500


March 3, 2023

If you are a current MCC Honors Program student in good standing, you can apply for up to a $500 study abroad scholarship!

For more information, call 480.461.7143.

Honors Program Study Abroad Scholarship Application

Title Date(s) More Information

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship

Application Opens:

Typcially mid-November


Typically mid-January

Minimum Award: $1,250

  • Study abroad program must be at least 4 weeks (28 days) in country/countries.
  • Only MCC's England/Scotland France & Ireland programs qualify.
  • Preferences: FEA gives preference to students with demonstrated financial need, and strongly encourages students to apply who represent a group that is traditionally underrepresented in education abroad. These groups include, but are not limited to:
    • First-generation college students
    • Minority students
    • Community college students
Title Date(s) More Information

Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Students apply through the college they are receiving financial aid from.


March Application Deadline
1st Tues. of March (awards announced by May)

March 7, 2023
11:59 PM PST

October Application Deadline
1st Tues. of October (awards announced by December)

October 3, 2023
11:59 PM PST

Maximum Award: $5,000

  • Must be a Pell Grant recipient.  Students apply indicating the school they are receiving their Pell Grant funding from. If you are not a receiving Pell Grant funding through MCC, you must apply for the Gilman through the school that you are receiving financial aid from.
  • Applications are reviewed holistically, with consideration of the following selection criteria. View Gilman Presentation here!
  • Review Gilman Essays Writing Tips.
  • Review writing resources for ideas on crafting your Statement of Purpose:
  • Bring your draft to the Writing Center and get feedback on how to polish your "diamond in the rough"!
  • For application instructions, review this walkthrough video.
  • Watch videos of Gilman scholars abroad, alumni interviews, and tips from advisors and application reviewers on YouTube.
  • Note for Gilman application: For Program Administrator, select Mesa Community College

Gilman-McCain Scholarship

Overview of Program

October Application Deadline
Tues. of October (awards announced by December)

October 2022 deadline passed
11:59 PM PST

March Application Deadline
1st Tues. of March (awards announced by May)

March 7, 2023
11:59 PM PST

Maximum Award: $5,000

  • Must be a child dependent of an active/activated US military personnel during time of application.
  • Must be a Title IV federal financial aid recipient.  Title IV funds include:
    • Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans
    • Direct PLUS Loans
    • Federal Pell Grants
    • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOGs)
    • Federal Perkins Loans
  • Use the same Gilman application system as other Gilman Scholarship applicants.  Applicants will simply confirm that they are child dependent of an active duty military member of the U.S. Armed Forces (Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, Coast Guard, Coast Guard Reserve, Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve, Navy, Navy Reserve, Space Force, NOAA Commissioned Corps, and USPHS Commissioned Corps).
  • If a student is receiving a Federal Pell Grant and is also a child dependent of an active duty military member, then the student is eligible for both Gilman scholarships and will automatically be considered for both but eligible to receive only one. If they are selected for the Gilman-McCain Scholarship, then they will no longer be considered for the Gilman Scholarship.

Information Sessions & Mandatory Orientation

Title Date(s) and Time More Information


General Information Sessions

Friday, November 18, 2023

11 am 


ID: 24866760151

password: Sim3dS8nJ9n

Join by Phone

(US toll) +1 602-666-0783

access code: 24866760151

Financial Aid Contact Information

Financial Aid FAQS

At Southern & Dobson, contact Adela Bob at 480.461.7436 or at adela.bob@mesacc.edu.

At Red Mountain, contact Tori Stanton in Financial Aid at 480.654.7760 or at tori.stanton@mesacc.edu.

Mandatory Orientation

Sat., April 15, 2023

9 am - 2 pm

Room LB145 in the Elsner Library at the Southern & Dobson campus.

You must attend the mandatory study abroad orientation!
There may be additional required meetings for your specific program. Contact the Program Director for details.