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Building: PV231 (Palo Verde Building)
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All study abroad programs are open to students from any of the Maricopa Community Colleges as well as community members ages 18 and above!

Application/program fee deadlines for the 2024 programs:

Program Application Deadlines Program Fee Deadlines
France (Nice) March 1, 2024 March 22, 2024
Ireland March 1, 2024 March 22, 2024
Italy Feb. 2, 2024 February 17, 2024
Japan Feb. 2, 2024 March 1, 2024
Puerto Peñasco, Mexico March 1, 2024 March 22, 2024
Namibia March 1, 2024 March 22, 2024

Late applications accepted on case-by-case basis.  Space is limited, so apply early!

  1. Make sure that you understand any specific program requirements including program fee, tuition, and airfare/meal estimates (if applicable) as well as payment deadlines.

    Applications are reviewed and approved on a rolling basis. Students will be contacted by the Program Director within approximately 2 weeks after submission of a complete application via phone or email to discuss participation in the Program.
  2. When setting up your application profile, please use an email address (preferably your MEID email address) that you check daily as all communication will be via email. Be sure to check to make sure that your messages are not going to your spam folder!
  3. During the application process, you will be asked to provide contact information for TWO General Recommendations. These can come from current/past professors, advisors, employers, or someone you have interfaced with in a supervisory capacity. Please give your references the courtesy of informing them that you would like to use them for a reference.  Refer to "Application Instructions" in your online application for instructions.  The processing of your application will be delayed if your references do not respond.  Let them know it will only take them 5 minutes to complete!  Please follow up if you notice your references have not responded in a week or two.  If you are a community member, a waiver can be discussed with the program director.
  4. To start your application, click the "New User Apply Here" web button on this page.  Complete the Application Questionnaires and Signature Documents (items that you must read carefully and digitally sign indicating your agreement and understanding).  Also, electronically request your two General Recommedations (only requires a name and email address).  You will not be able to submit your application unless these are requested.
  5. Wait for the status of your application to change. Your application will have a status of “Pending” until ALL elements of the application have been completed (Application Questionnaires, Signature Documents, & Letters of Recommendation) and until processing has been completed.

    The status of your “Pending” application will be updated to one of the following: 

    Accepted. To confirm participation in the program you must log in and click the “Commit” button in the “Commitment to Participate” panel in your application.  If you are not able to participate, click the “Decline” button.

    Waitlist.  If the status of your “Pending” application changes to “Waitlist,” you are approved to participate but need to wait until another place in the Program becomes available.

    Denied.  If the status of your “Pending” application changes to “Denied,” you have completed the Program application, but were not selected for participation in the Program.

    Withdrawn. If the status of your “Pending” application changes to “Withdrawn,” your application for the Program has been withdrawn because you did not complete the application requirements or because you clicked the “Withdraw” button next to your Program application on your Applicant Home Page

  6. Post Decision Phase:  Once the status of your “Pending” application changes to “Accepted,” you will be in the Post-Decision phase of the application process.  The next time you login to access your application, there will be a number of additional steps for you to complete.  To confirm participation in the program you must log in to your application and click the “Commit” button in the “Commitment to Participate” panel.  If you are unable to participate, click the “Decline” button.

  7. Complete all Post-Decision application requirements.   Complete new Application Questionnaires, Signature Documents, and Learning Content items PRIOR to the program fee payment deadline.

  8. Review the Funding Study Abroad web page for funding and scholarship opportunities.

  9. If you plan to apply for financial aid, call or visit the Financial Aid Office to find out about your options. If using financial aid, notify the Study Abroad Analyst. You MUST be seeking an eligible degree with Mesa Community College in order to receive financial aid for a MCC study abroad program.
  10. Upon acceptance to your program, make a $250 ($150 for Puerto Peñasco) confirmation deposit towards your program fee to secure your spot. A deposit charge will be posted your Student Services Center.  You must pay your program fee and tuition in FULL by the applicable payment deadlines.  Please review payment guidelines for both new and current students.
  11. Register for your classes once Summer priority or open registration begins in March and pay tuition either online or at Cashier Services by the applicable due date in your Student Center. Students will be purged from classes if tuition is not paid before the due date.
  12. Apply for your passport or if needed, renew your old one. Your passport must be valid at least 6 months beyond the date of your trip. 

    Gender transition passport information FAQS

    For passport wait times, visit:
  13. Mark your calendar for the mandatory orientation!

  14. Start packing and get ready for your life transforming experience abroad!