Gilbert Together Workforce Professional Skills

Would you like to be a top candidate for employer recruitment?

You will participate in five workforce professional skills modules with activities and assessments that will enhance your skills and prepare you for employer interviews and jobs.

Enrollment in this course is a two step process:

  1. You must be enrolled as a non-credit student at MCC. (If you are registered as a credit student, you will need to enroll once more as a non-credit student.)
  2. You must fill out the Workforce Professional Skills application form to be enrolled.
  3. Once you are registered as a non-credit student at MCC and you have filled out the above form, a representative will reach out to you to answer any questions and enroll you in the course.

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Course Descriptions

Course Dates

April 1st - April 26th

May 1st - May 31st

This Workforce Professional Skills course is a single, online, self-paced, four week course consisting of five modules that prepare students for employment.

This single online self-paced Workforce Professional Skills course consists of five modules:

Communication and Empathy

Communication is not always good. You must make sure it is positive. Always have in mind who your audience is, your tone, body language, active listening and whether or not you truly communicated what you intended. Anticipating an individual's needs is paramount to successful communication. This module will teach you tips and tricks to hone your communciation skills.

Professionalism and Collaboration

How you carry and convey yourself to others leads to a positive or negative perception of you. This is multifaceted, it's how you treat people, the respect that you show for yourself and the company. Always aim to represent yourself and your employer to the best of your ability. In this module you will learn how to ensure you are giving off the best possible perception of yourself as well as teach you tips and tricks to work with others. True success in industry requires that we trust and support one another through obstacles and challenges. A collaborative and team first attitude is critical.


The hardest part of achieving success is taking the first step. This module is filled with tips and tricks to assist in motivating yourself to starting and completing tasks. It also covers methods to prioritize and organize an abundant workload to ensure you are ready and capable for any problem you may face.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

There is more than one solution to most problems. This module focuses on the process to arrive at the best possible one while taking diverse opinions and perspectives into arriving at that solution.

Self Direct Learning and Resilience

Knowing who you are is supremely important. This module will guide you through activities in introspection, self awareness, character,emotional intelligence and the impact that this all has on you as a person and employee. It will teach you skills fit for any job, such as basic troubleshooting, business acumen, and much more.

This accelerated training is covered under the Gilbert Together Funding. Students and Gilbert Together business employees receive $149 value of free training until funding runs out.

Course Location

A self-paced online class located on Mesa Community College's Canvas. Students are required to have access to a computer or mobile device, and internet access, unless otherwise specified. Before enrolling in their first online class at MCC, students need to view the online orientation and complete the readiness survey on


Students may contact for additional questions:

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