Green Flag Mesa Business Center

Green Flag Mesa, a partnership between MCC and the Mesa Chamber of Commerce

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Alan Beveridge
Faculty - Entrepreneurial Studies
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Green Flag Mesa Business Center is a unique partnership between the Mesa Chamber of Commerce and Mesa Community College, providing students with office space, business tools, and the knowledge resources needed to launch a new business venture in today's competitive environment. In this partnership, Mesa Community College students will work in space provided by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce and have access to the business knowledge, experience, and the networking opportunities of Chamber members.

The remodeled space is located at the Mesa Chamber of Commerce’s office at 165 N. Centennial Way, Suite 208, Mesa and provides work space for small businesses for up to two years.

Green Flag Is a Three Phase Development Program:

  1. Pre-Launch (Prior to Admittance) - assistance with writing a business plan, learning to do adequate research, determining a target market, enrolling in appropriate classes.

  2. Launch (Year 1) - filing your paperwork to get the business officially started, establishing residency at Green Flag.

  3. Build Your Business (Year 2) - building the business to profitability and independence.

Why don't you start a small business?

We can help:

  • Overcome your fear of failure
  • Build a strong knowledge base or strong foundation
  • Assist with finding investment capital and financial resources

Knowing that each day brings new challenges, exciting opportunities, and a chance to engage your passion is reason enough to start your own business. Empower yourself! Start by taking control of your own future!

Enroll in an Entrepreneurial program at Mesa Community College today!

Did you know?

  • 18% of new small businesses are started by those between the ages of 18 and 40 years old; gender doesn’t matter!

  • 41% of new small businesses are started by those with a high school education or an associate’s degree!


Green Flag Mesa Business Center provides knowledge and resources to assist student startups in becoming self sufficient within their first two years.


To make successful entrepreneurship available to everyone!