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Did you know there are 2000+ jobs open for programmers in Maricopa County?

Get a head start by earning a certificate in Apple Coding and begin to pursue your career in the fast-growing app economy.

App Development with Swift is a full-year course designed by Apple engineers and educators to teach students elements of app design using Swift, one of the world’s most popular programming languages.

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What will I learn with the Apple App classes?

Students will learn to code and design fully functional apps, gaining critical job skills in software development and information technology. Students will learn to build apps for iPhones and iPads taking only three courses.

The CIS150AB Object-Oriented Programming – Apple Swift/xCode classes include an introduction to Apple app development using Swift/xCode and is taught within an IOS classroom environment. The hybrid classes combine regularly scheduled classroom meetings with online learning activities. The hybrid class instructor provides book information the first day of class. All textbook and course materials are available at no or low cost (<$40) - and may include Open Educational Resources (OER). The Internet only sections are taught exclusively online.

Upon successful completion of your courses, you earn nine credits and two certificates in just 16 weeks! Following the completion of the program, you will receive an Apple App Development Certificate of Completion (CCL) and your iOS Apple App Development Certificate.

Course Descriptions

Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals (CIS150AB)

Structured and object-oriented design and logic tools will be covered in this course. You will use computer problems to demonstrate and teach concepts using an appropriate programming language. An introduction to app development using Swift/xCode will be covered and will be taught within an iOS classroom environment. The instructor will provide book information on the first day of class. Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in CIS105 or permission of the instructor.


Tuition is $97 per credit hour plus a one-time $15 registration fee.

Total cost: *$306 (3 credits including the initial registration fee)

*Tuition does not include fees for materials or textbooks.

Please contact David Levy for more information at

Course Location

145 North Centennial Way, Mesa, Arizona Suite 201

Please park on the second or third floor of the covered parking garage and take the elevator to the fourth floor.


Email MITI Director, Diane Meza with questions.

or David Levy at