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Course Descriptions

Pre-Req: Any Computer Information System CCL is required to participate in the Technopeneur Experience. You may participate in an internship that falls within the scope of the CCL you have acquired.

CIS Capstone Project (CIS285)

Students will create a capstone project with opportunities for individualized research and application of various technologies. Students will gain professional knowledge and skills throughout the program of study. The program will focus on communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and project management skills.
Prerequisites: Permission of Program Director or Instructor.

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Technology Team Peer Mentorship (CIS286)

Students will have an opportunity to mentor other students and work as a team to develop and support a technology project related to their program of study. The program of study is paralleled by professional expertise and guidance from team members, faculty, and/or industry mentors. The program focuses on the application of learned technology through the development of a team project that solves real world problems with an innovative focus. In addition, team experience, project and workforce development, management, research, mentoring, as well as collaborative professional behaviors needed to facilitate innovations for profitable commercial feasibility will be refined.
Corequisites: CIS285.


Tuition is $97 per credit hour plus a one-time $15 registration fee.

Total cost: *$597 (6 credits including the initial registration fee).

*Tuition does not include fees for materials or textbooks.

**Scholarships are available! Apply here for a Scholarship!

Course Location

This course is either online or in person.

In-person courses will be located at:
145 North Centennial Way, Mesa, Ariz., Suite 201

Please park on the second floor of the covered parking garage and head to the north entrance into the building.


Email MITI-EV Director, Diane Meza with questions.