Technopreneur Experience

Want to be a Technopreneur

Experience for this future CCL (12 credits) includes: Special Projects/Mentoring Teamwork Courses collaborating with the Mesa Chamber of Commerce Community Internship Program, through Green Flag Entrepreneurial.

Course Descriptions

Any Computer Information System CCL

CIS Capstone Project (CIS285)

Structured and object-oriented design and logic tools will be covered in this course. You will use computer problems to demonstrate and teach concepts using an appropriate programming language. An introduction to app development using Swift/xCode will be covered and will be taught within an iOS classroom environment. The instructor will provide book information on the first day of class. Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in CIS105 or permission of the instructor.

Technology Team Peer Mentorship (CIS286)

This course provides an introduction to iOS device programming utilizing the XCode application, programming languages Objective-C and/or Swift within various iOS frameworks. You will gain an understanding of iOS hardware and feature basics as you go through the entire design process, from concept to final product delivery. Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in (CIS150++ or CIS159, or CIS162++ or CIS163AA) or permission of the instructor.


Tuition is $85 per credit hour plus a one-time $15 registration fee.

Total cost: *$525 (6 credits including the initial registration fee).

*Tuition does not include fees for materials or textbooks.

Mesa Chamber of Commerce will donate $400 app scholarships for 20 businesses

Course Location

145 North Centennial Way, Mesa, Ariz., Suite 201

Please park on the second floor of the covered parking garage and head to the north entrance into the building.


Email MITI Director, Diane Meza with questions.