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The Town of Gilbert has partnered with the Maricopa Information Technology Institute (MITI), Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) and Mesa Community College (MCC) to provide job training scholarships for Gilbert residents.

We will not be accepting new applications at this time, classes for Spring of 2024 will not be covered by Gilbert Together for new or returning students of the scholarship program. Please be sure to check this website for future updates on the availability of the scholarship.

We will not receive additonal funding for Gilbert Together for Spring of 2024.

Here are additional resources to connect you to current careers, jobs and financial aid:


Additionally Career Services offers appointments to students, staff, and community members. Learn more about the services offered at Career Services by selecting here.

Step 1: Enroll in MCC or CGCC.

  • To start the enrollment process, select here.
    It is recommended that you enroll in both MCC and CGCC by selecting both during the enrollment process.
    You may be asked to verify your ID during the enrollment process, this step is not optional and must be completed to progress.

    If you are already enrolled, skip to step 2.

Step 2: Fill out the Gilbert Together entry form. (Applications Closed)

  • To start the Gilbert Together entry form, select here.
    You must complete step one before filling out the entry form.

Step 3 - Fill out a Maricopa Pipeline AZ Profile.

Step 4 - A Student Service Specialist will reach out to you.

  • Be sure to check your Email.

This opportunity is in high demand! The ability to qualify new and continuing participants is dependent on availability of funds. Training scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our plan is to offer #GilbertTogether resident career training scholarships through June 2024, or until funds are exhausted (may end sooner).

The programs of study offered provide entry-level and upskilling opportunities to prepare for careers in business, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, and trades. The career areas offered are in high demand, with the potential to earn more than the median Maricopa County wage.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a Town of Gilbert resident or the owner of a business in the Town of Gilbert in Maricopa County in the State of Arizona.
  • Must be classified as a Maricopa County resident for tuition purposes*.
    • In most cases, Maricopa County residency for tuition purposes is satisfied by legal residency in the United States, residing in the State of Arizona for 12 months or more, and having a State of Arizona issued driver's license or ID card.
  • Must choose an eligible program of study at CGCC or MCC (see below).

    PLEASE NOTE: The Town of Gilbert will only cover the cost of each course one time per person. If you drop or withdraw after Mesa Community College's drop date deadline, the Town of Gilbert will cover the payment for the dropped course, however, it will not cover you taking the same course again.

*Residency for tuition purposes is determined in accordance with state law (ARS §§15-1801et seq.) and regulations of the Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board. Students classified as out-of-state residents do not qualify for this program.


Jason's Story

When I found out about the Gilbert Together Program, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I was let go from my job due to Covid-19 and the business shut down operation due to the Pandemic. During the Pandemic, I ended up getting Covid, as well as my whole family. Thankfully, we all recovered without any major problems. But, I was left thinking what am I going to do next as far as a job or career? Everything has changed and is different. My wife saw a flyer about the Gilbert Together Program and inquired about the details. After hearing that I could receive a college education free of charge, I was excited, yet apprehensive about applying. This could be the opportunity I was looking for-being able to get a college education in a program I have always been interested in but could not afford because we have kids that have to go to college-that's more important. I saw the Gilbert Together Program as an exciting opportunity. Covid had turned everything upside down and I was left without a job so I figured what better way to re-enter the workforce in a job I have always been interested in. I applied for Gilbert Together and was accepted. I am excited to be pursuing a career path in Crime Scene Investigation. I am in my second semester of classes. The support I am receiving from the Gilbert Together staff has been amazing! They have been a great support system for me. I get phone calls to see how I am doing and if I need help with anything, email reminders and they also help me set up my classes and assist with any other support I need. I can't wait to get out in the workforce doing a job I actually want to be doing! I am thankful Gilbert Together has allowed me to begin my journey of achieving a college education with a new career opportunity.

Sabrina's Story

Struggling single mothers and parents in their late thirties may not qualify for other scholarships. Without the Gilbert Together program at Mesa Community College I this would not have been possible especially after our pandemic and the loss of so many careers, loved ones, grade school closures, child care costs, health benefits and businesses.

Thank you, MCC and the Town of Gilbert, for giving me the opportunity to show my boys what hard work and dedication, paired with the grace of others, it is possible to achieve your goals. Even during unprecedented times.
The Gilbert Together program made it possible for me to obtain ___training/certificate (AWS and accounting CCL) ___to improve my and my family’s situation. We are on a path toward self sufficiency and I am launching a new career in ___ I will be proud of -- allowing me to be the sole provider for my family.

This opportunity pushed me to work even harder, providing me with a sense of community and a deep sense of responsibility toward people I had never met who made my new, brighter future possible.

My sincere gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to obtain a higher education and launch a new career in accounting. Everyone involved is a
hero in my opinion -- my boys and I thank you and promise to pay it forward!

Preston's Story

I was living on a university campus pursuing a Web Foundations certificate of completion when the pandemic hit. I struggled to balance the stress of the pandemic and the switch to learning online classes and had to move home.

Several members of my family of seven have pre-existing conditions. My whole family contracted Covid. Fortunately, everyone recovered, though the world as we knew it pre-Covid has not returned, including my plans for the future. My mother shared information about the Gilbert Together program with me; thinking it could serve as an opportunity to continue moving forward with an affordable education. Amanda with MCC walked me through the whole registration process. Amanda checks in to see how I’m doing and offers support. I’m now close to earning a Web Foundations certificate of completion and excited to have a new career option!

Jessica Salcido
Jessica's Story

How did you find out about Gilbert Together?
Through my college email. An email was sent out when the program collaboration opened up.

How has Gilbert Together helped you?
Gilbert Together paid for my nursing program classes this spring. As a single mom, this has helped tremendously.

What is your desired career goal?

How will the courses you are attending benefit your career?
Once I finish this program, I will graduate with my RN.

What are your future plans related to your career?
I plan on continuing my education to ultimately become a nurse practitioner.

Any suggestions to others who are “on the fence” about going to college?
College is hard, but life as a whole is harder. You need to take the next step and become something that you will feel proud of in the end. College can be daunting and nerve-wracking, but if you focus on your end goals then anything you put your mind to will become your success story.

Any messages for the Town of Gilbert for funding the program?
Thank you so much for this opportunity. It has changed my life and the life of others that I know. Thank you so much for building this program. I look forward to working with you in the future and when I finish my education, I plan on giving back to the community that has helped me through these difficult times. This I promise.

Ashley Hughes
Ashley's Story

How did you find out about Gilbert Together?

How has Gilbert Together helped you?
Gilbert Together has helped me take one step closer to graduating college debt free.

What is your desired career goal?
My desired career goal is to move from consumer lending towards the commercial lending space.

How will the courses you are attending benefit your career?
The courses I am taking will sharpen the skill set needed in the business world.

What are your future plans related to your career?
I would love to continue moving up in my industry and inspire young women. Eventually, I would love to climb to a C suite position.

Any suggestions to others who are “on the fence” about going to college?
My suggestion is to not let things like age or time since high school stop you! It is never too late to go back! The staff at Maricopa Community Colleges are so supportive and provide plenty of tools. The only thing holding you back is you!

Any messages for the Town of Gilbert for funding the program?
Thank you so much, Town of Gilbert!

Your participation includes:

  • Scholarship covering tuition, registration, and course fees for the approved certificate and degree programs.
    • Funding will be awarded on a semester-by-semester basis and is dependent on overall demand for the program and continued availability of funds. In the event that #GilbertTogether funding runs out prior to the completion of your program of study, an advisor can provide guidance on other available financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
  • Working with a team of dedicated professionals who strive to create an inclusive and vibrant learning community where everyone can achieve success.
  • Support such free tutoring and career counseling to complete your studies, as well as prepare for industry certifications.
  • Guidance in career selection, job hunting, and advancement in your current employment.
  • Professional Skills Course - Enhance your workplace skills and prepare yourself for employer interviews and jobs. Select here for more information.

Scholarships do not include:

  • Cost of textbooks or other learning materials for classes.
  • Additional courses outside the scope of the scholarship's approved programs.

Research shows that people who invest in education after high school earn more over their lifetimes and have lower unemployment rates.

Steps to Enroll:

Are you already a Gilbert Together student? Ready to register for next semester? No need to apply again. Contact Tyler Rowles at

  1. Enroll in either MCC or CGCC and choose your program. (see below).
  2. Complete survey and indicate the college you plan to attend.
    • If you plan to attend both colleges, you will need to submit separate surveys for each college.
    • Fill out the Pipeline profile located here so we can connect you to employment when you complete your degree/CCL.
  3. Within the first five days following the completion of the survey, you will be contacted with further instruction.

Professional Skills Course

Would you like to be a top candidate for employer recruitment?
In this course, you will participate in ten professional skills modules with activities and assessments that will enhance your skills and prepare you for employer interviews and jobs.

Select here for more information about the professional skills course.

Curious about possible career options?

Want more information on high demand career choices before choosing a program of study? Explore your options by chatting online with our Career Services staff.

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