Do you need a course to satisfy your laboratory science requirements? The Life Science Department offers a wide variety of courses that can be used to fulfill laboratory science requirements or for personal growth and interest.

Biology Concepts (BIO100)

Undecided? In Biology Concepts, you will gain an insight to the major fields of biology.

Environmental Biology (BIO105)

Is for all students that want to learn more about biology. If you are interested in the environment, this is for you.

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIO160)

Do you want to learn about how the human body works? You will do that in BIO160 .

Plants and Society (BIO108)

Anyone that wants to learn more about plants and how they affect the world around us should take this class.

Marine Biology (BIO145)

Have you always been fascinated by starfish or sharks? Learn about all sea life in Marine Biology.

Animal Behavior (BIO280)

This course covers the fascinating behaviors of animals, explaining how and why they do the things that they do!

Please take a course that interests you. All courses will meet the requirements of a science laboratory course. Also, just because a course has a higher course number does not mean that it a harder course.

To learn more about each course, please, click on the links for each course or contact the Life Science Department office.