Do you need a course to satisfy your laboratory science requirements? The Life Science Department offers a wide variety of courses that can be used to fulfill laboratory science requirements or for personal growth and interest.

In Fall 2023, there will be a large selection of non-major's courses, so that you can pick one that satisfies your interests, and your attendance preferences!

Biology Concepts (BIO100)

This course is a general overview of Biology as a field, and great if you are not sure what you might be interested in. [Fall 2023: in person and online]

Environmental Biology (BIO105)

Is for all students that want to learn more about biology. If you are interested in the environment, this is for you. [Fall 2023: in person and online]

Plants and Society (BIO108)

Anyone that wants to learn more about plants and how they affect the world around us should take this class. [Fall 2023: in person lab with an online lecture]

Microbes and Society (BIO111)

A pinch of soil contains an estimated billion microbes! This course will take you on a tour of the surprising and stunning microbial world. Learn about how microbes help maintain life on Earth, the amazing jobs they perform for us, and ways they cause disease. [Fall 2023: online]

Introduction to Animal Behavior (BIO116)

This newly redesigned class explores the fascinating world of animal behaviors. [Fall 2023: online]

Marine Biology (BIO145)

Have you always been fascinated by starfish or sharks? Take this class to study the largest biome on the Blue Planet. [Fall 2023: online]

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIO160)

In this fun class, you will learn about how the human body works. [Fall 2023: in person and online]

Please take a course that interests you. Also, just because a course has a higher course number does not mean that it is a harder course; all non-majors classes are considered "entry level" classes.

To learn more about each course, please click on the links for each course, or contact the Life Science Department office.