Environmental Biology (BIO105)

The environmental cycle - status Quo

What Students Say

"The best class I've taken at MCC!"

"I had no idea how easy it is to live in accordance with the preservation of our planet until this class."

"I love this class. The information is interesting and was presented in a way that kept my attention. It has gotten me to think about the environment. Thanks."

Environmental issues are now part of every career path and employment area. Gaining an understanding of these issues is as important as reading and math skills to employers. Most non-biology majors dread taking their science, often leaving it to the last semester of their degree.

Our goal is to open your eyes to a sustainable future filled with information that guides you to proper life choices.

BIO105 covers many relevant topics that affect us on a daily basis, such as energy conservation, air pollution, sustainable development, environmental toxins and much more.

Yes, we will learn science, but in a practical way that will change your life. It is the ideal bridging course to any future in sustainability or careers with an environmental component of awareness.

It will also transfer to four-year colleges and universities as a SQ lab science.

Interested? Questions?
Contact the Life Science Department for more information @ 480-461-7115.

Course Description

Environmental Biology BIO 105

Fundamentals of ecology and their relevance to human impact on natural ecosystems. Field trips may be required at students' expense.

Prerequisites: None.

Course Note: Field trips may be required.

Course Attribute(s): General Education Designation: Natural Sciences (Quantitative) - [SQ]