Do you want to be a health care professional or work in a laboratory setting? Get your start at MCC.

The Life Science Department at MCC offers a variety of courses that are designed for students who plan to major in a Biology related field.

Our General Biology for Majors series (BIO181 & BIO182)

provides a firm foundation for all Biology majors.

The Human Anatomy and Physiology series (BIO201 & BIO202)

explores the structure and function of the human body. Many students considering prehealth professional programs, such as nursing, dental hygiene, physical therapy and prepharmacy will take this series.

Microbiology (BIO205)

explores the microscopic organisms around us and is for all nursing and dental hygiene majors.

Many of our courses are easily transferable to ASU, NAU or U of A and many other universities. For more information about the Life Science Department course offerings, navigate to one of our course groupings, consult the class schedule or contact the Life Science office.