Marine Biology (BIO145)

Sea TurtleKemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Are you interested in sharks? Whales? Killer jellies? Dolphins? Jobs?

What Students Say

"I have spent a lot of time at the ocean. Now, instead of seeing it as a playground, I see it as a world waiting to be discovered."

"I did not realize how much life is in the ocean. I look at it differently knowing that even the smallest things, like plankton, serve a purpose."

"I loved this class! I honestly wish I had more time in it. I am keeping my book and notes so that it will all stick with me."

Then this is the class for you.

In this course, we cover the history of Marine Biology as well as the geology of the sea floor and how that relates to habitat.

We also survey the living marine environment from the microscopic plankton to the larger, more familiar creatures.

We discuss the importance, location, behavior and contribution of algae and invertebrates (animals without backbones) as well as the well-known vertebrates such as the sharks, fish, sea turtles, sea birds and whales.

Even though we have no ocean outside the classroom door, you will get to observe the organisms in video and also many of these both alive and preserved in the laboratory setting.

We will also discuss some of the current challenges facing the ocean ecosystem such as over- fishing, pollution, ocean warming and acidification.

BIO145 has no prerequisites and is designed for the non-major. However, many Biology majors find this an interesting elective. It satisfies the SG requirement for a lab science at ASU.

Interested?  Questions?
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Course Description:

Marine Biology BIO 145

A survey of Marine environments and their biotic communities with emphasis on the
natural history of marine organisms.

Prerequisites: None.

Course Attribute(s): General Education Designation: Natural Sciences (General) - [SG]