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Are you interested in becoming a medical doctor? A naturopathic doctor? A physician's assistant? Join the Pre-Medical Club.

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The goal of our organization is to provide an out of class environment where students, interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine, can come to share their excitement and enthusiasm for the future of this and related fields.

We strive to educate our members so they understand what they must accomplish during their undergraduate years in order to be a strong applicant for medical school.

We hold monthly meetings where speakers who have firsthand experience in the field come and share their knowledge with our members, hold club events such as field trips to medical schools, research institutions, raise club awareness on campus and engage in fund raising activities.

Our members can become involved in undergraduate research projects at MCC, where they can discover new genes that may be involved in human disease, work with stem cells, or become involved in other biomedical research projects.

Our club also strives to participate in volunteer activity around the community because the most important aspect of being a doctor is the willingness to give in order to better humanity!

Club Advisor

Lewis Obermiller