Animal Behavior (BIO 116)

a collage of animals with interesting behaviorsAnimal Behavior is a broad field that explores what animals do, and how they do it. It includes foraging, fighting, mating, migration, courtship and parenting behaviors in a wide variety of animals.

If you like the Discovery Channel, this course is for you!

Students going into Ecology, Wildlife studies, and Veterinary Tech will particularly benefit from this course, however, it is open to all students.

Animal Behavior is a low textbook cost course (less than $40).

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Introduction to animal Behavior BIO 116
Scientific study of animal behavior for non-majors. Includes experimental exploration of current hypotheses for genetic and environmental influences, communication, reproductive strategies, habitat selection, and sociality. Prerequisites: None.

Prerequisites: None.

Course Attribute(s): Fall 2023- elective academic credit only