Biology Concepts (BIO100)

Introductory course covering basic principles and concepts of biology. Methods of scientific inquiry and behavior of matter and energy in biological systems are explored. Prerequisites: None.

In-Person Bio 100

Course Notes:
Field trips may be required at students` expense.

Course Attributes:
General Education Designation: Natural Sciences (Quantitative) - [SQ]

Online BIO 100

Notes: Online classes are conducted exclusively via the Internet but may require proctored exams. Before enrolling in their first online class at MCC, students need to view the online orientation and complete the readiness survey on for additional information.

Students will be responsible for completing weekly lab exercises on their own. Some labs are computer based, others require the purchase of common household products (estimated semester total ~$40). Links to purchase the Etext ($66) and computer based labs ($35) will be provided on Canvas.