Live Streams

We currently have two live video streams available for you to view.

Terrarium Cam - Live feed

In July 2018, a live camera was installed in the Saguaro terrarium that allows our students and community to view the resident animals. 

The Saguaro building is a living laboratory featuring 3 large terraria, including huge terrarium in the lobby that invites up-close yet safe observations of Sonoran Desert wildlife including 5 rattlesnakes, 3 nonvenomous snakes, a Gila Monster, Sonoran Desert Toad and Longfin Dace fish.

Please visit for more information on Red Mountain's animal collection.

Image of Tiger rattlesnake hiding beneath rocks.

Pupfish Cam

The Pupfish live camera, established in the spring of 2017 and made possible through a partnership with Arizona Game and Fish Department, is located in the cienega at MCC's Red Mountain Campus. 

You might also see Gila Topminnow, Sonora Mud Turtles, Sonoran Desert Toads and Lowland Leopard Frogs.

Read the press release for additional information about Pupfish and the partnership that made this possible: Small, but mighty, endangered fish take a step towards recovery

View of cienega, showing pond and associated plant life.