Live Streams and Campus Nature Videos

A pair of ravens have built a nest on the Life Science building. These birds belong to the species Corvus corax, and are known as common ravens or Western ravens. They are large intelligent birds closely related to crows. Ravens are omnivorous and will eat just about anything, from fruit to small mammals. They mate for life, and the females lay 3-7 eggs every spring. Watch as the babies grow up throughout the spring and summer.

Raven Nest Live Stream

The Saguaro building is a living laboratory featuring 3 large terraria, including huge terrarium in the lobby that invites up-close yet safe observations of Sonoran Desert wildlife including rattlesnakes, nonvenomous snakes, a Gila Monster, Sonoran Desert Toad and Longfin Dace fish.

Red Mountain Terrarium Live Stream

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Lizards, Salamanders & Scorpions

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Coral Reef Aquarium

The Cienega


Lowland Leopard Frogs

Frogs and Toads