Plants and Society (BIO108)

If you are interested in the food you eat, the medicines you take, and the plants you
grow in your yard, then Plants & Society is the course for you. This user-friendly, non-
majors biology course focuses on how we use plants in our daily lives. The hands-on
labs and in-class exercises give each student a chance to explore science and share
their ideas with others. This course meets the SQ science requirement at ASU and has
good transferability to the other state schools.

Former BIO108 students say:

“I liked walking around campus and looking at all the plants.”

“The genetics lab with corn is pretty interesting.”

“I will remember the osmosis lab and how the Elodea and red onion looked under the

Course Description:

A global study of plants in relation to humans; as a source of food fiber, drugs, and
other products; for aesthetic value, survival, and energy.

Prerequisites: None.

Course Attribute(s): General Education Designation: Natural Sciences (Quantitative) -