Microbes and Society (BIO111)

Petri Art plateMicroscopic organisms or microbes occupy a critical place in your day-to-day existence. When you breathe, you inhale oxygen that microbes put into the atmosphere. Rarely does a day go by when you do not enjoy a food or beverage that microbes helped produce. Microbes decompose waste and help plants grow. Each time you sneeze into your elbow, you try to stop a microbial disease from spreading. This fun and engaging course will forever change your view of microbes.

This course meets the SG science requirement and transfers to ASU, U of A, and NAU. BIO111 has no prerequisites and is designed for non-major students.

Microbes and Society does not require a textbook. You will perform lab experiments sure to entertain you and your family at home with a lab kit purchased from the Mesa Community College bookstore and a few items you provide.

Interested? Questions? I’m here to help! jill.raymond@mesacc.edu
or contact the Life Science Department for more information @ 480-461-7115

Course Description

BIO 111 Microbes and Society 4 Credits

Examination of the science of microbes and the impact of microbes on human affairs. Topics include principles of microbial diversity, cell structure, growth and reproduction, global processes, disease, and prevention of disease. Prerequisites: None.

General Education Designations: Natural Sciences Quantitative [SQ]