Recorded Workshops

Spring 2024 Recorded Workshops

You don't have to miss out on any Financial Literacy workshops! Just click on the title of the workshop. Be sure to fill out the attendance/survey link for the workshop you view. If you are viewing the workshop for credit, be sure to indicate who should be contacted about your engagement with the recorded workshop in the attendance form. And you'll receive a copy of the presentation!

Workshop Title Topic helpful Links
Increase Your Investment IQ Types of Investments Attendance/Survey
Time Value of Money
Investment Accounts/Types of Investments
Taxonomics Filing taxes; how tax brackets work;
best practices with tax refund


Free Tax Services (VITA)

Financial Savvy with Scholarships MCC scholarships
External scholarships
Scholarship application strategies
Maricopa Community College Foundation Scholarship

Past Semester Workshops

Workshop Title Topic Helpful Links
Maximizing Your College Budget with ChatGPT Click Here Budgeting; Using ChatGPT ChatGPT sign in/sign up page
From Crisis To Control: Money & Emergency Fund Click Here Money Management Game; Saving money; Emergency Fund Bean Game (Digital) -You will need to make a copy for yourself
Be a Money Goal Getter: Setting SMART Financial Goals Click Here Aligning values with spending/saving; setting financial goals
Defeating Deception: Safeguarding Your Finances & Identity Click Here Protecting your Finances
Creating Credit Confidence Click Here Credit Scores; Using Credit responsibly
From Saving to Growth: Exploring Investment Accounts Click Here 401K, 403b, 457, IRA, Brokerage (Taxable) Accounts; importance of investing