Maintain Your Eligibility

If you want to keep receiving financial aid make sure you maintain your eligibility.

Meet the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress

The U.S. Department of Education requires us to evaluate and monitor the Satisfactory Academic Progress of all students applying for Federal Student Aid. We are required to review all semesters and courses taken here at MCC and any credits that have been transferred in from other schools. This is regardless of whether federal student aid (financial aid) was received for those semesters or classes.

Satisfactory Academic Progress is determined at the end of each semester a student is enrolled in.

There are three measurements of Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Pace Measurement

To meet SAP, students must be completing ⅔ or 66.67 % of all credits they’ve attempted at MCC and any credits they have transferred in.

  • GPA

Students must meet the minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA to meet SAP. Only credits taken at MCC will be used to determine your GPA.

  • Maximum Time Frame

A student will reach Maximum Time Frame once they have attempted 150% the number of credits it takes to earn their degree. If you reach your Maximum Time Frame for your program of study you will not be meeting SAP.

Go to Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for complete SAP information.

Complete a FAFSA for Each Academic Year

The FAFSA is specific to one academic year. If you want to continue to receive financial aid make sure to complete a FAFSA for every school year. It's recommended that you complete a new FAFSA as early as possible.

Keep Your Student Loans In Good Standing

Keeping your student loan(s) in good standing is important if you want to continue to receive financial aid. If you have a student loan in default you will not be eligible to receive any type of federal student aid until your loan is in good standing.

Continue to Meet Basic Eligibility Requirements

It's important to continue to meet the eligibility requirements for federal student aid.